Why was the great potato famine important to Ireland?

It has been historically one of the largest events in Ireland. A huge amount of the population died or left the country. It happened in the 1840s, but even now, the population still has not reached the levels it was before the famine. Some parts of Ireland have really found it difficult to recover the population. Even today, large parts of the west of Ireland have a low population. Some of the land there has not been inhabited since the famine. Such a great loss of people would change any country. It took a long time for Ireland to recover. It was a major obstruction to Ireland's progress in the 19th century. It imposed more difficult conditions on Irish people. Through the emigration of that time, it established a large Irish population abroad, and now there are huge amounts of people who can trace themselves back to Ireland. It began a connection with Ireland to many parts of the world that remains today.