Why was the lighthouse of Alexandria made for?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Why was the lighthouse of Alexandria made for?
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What is in the Alexandria lighthouse and What is the purpose?

the lighthouse of Alexandria was made to direct ships away from the shore or to the shore

What was the name of the Alexandria Lighthouse?

The lighthouse at Alexandria was also known as Pharos.

When was Lighthouse of Alexandria made?

Between 280 and 247 BC

What was the lighthouse of Alexandria made of?

The lighthouse of Alexandria sat on a stone foundation and was made up of enormous, thick blocks of stone, whilst the watchtower was made of marble blocks held together with molten lead.

What is the oldest lighthouse?

the oldest lighthouse is the lighthouse of Alexandria

What is the history of the lighthouse at Alexandria?

It is an old lighthouse

What was Cleopatra's lighthouse called?

Lighthouse of Alexandria .

How many people built the lighthouse of Alexandria?

about 2,350 people built the lighthouse of alexandria

What is the continent of the lighthouse of alexandriaa?

The Lighthouse of Alexandria was in Alexandria, Egypt. It was located on the African continent.

What is one interesting fact about the lighthouse at Alexandria?

It is believed that, not only was the lighthouse at Alexandria the tallest lighthouse in the world for its time, but no lighthouse constructed since then has equalled it in height.

Why did they build the lighthouse of lighthouse of Alexandria?

why not -Bilbo Swaggins

What is the seven wonders of the world in Alexandria?

The Lighthouse of Alexandria .