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Why was the microwave invented?

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the microwave was invented as a new way to cook food faster.

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What did drpercy Spencer invented?

He invented the microwave oven or the microwave

When was microwave invented?

The Microwave was invented by Percy L. Spencer in 1985.

Who invented microwave isolator?

Tipeni Sae2 invented the microwave isolater

Who invented the microwave ovens?

Percy L. Spencer in 1945 invented the microwave

Which country invented the microwave oven?

The microwave oven was invented in the United States.

Who invented the mircowave?

who invented the microwave ?

Who and when was the microwave invented?

in was invented in 1947

What year was it when the microwave was invented?

the microwave was invented by Percy Spencer, october 8th, 1945

Who invented a microwave oven?

The microwave oven was invented by Percy Spencer. The microwave was first called a Radarange before the name was changed.

Who made the microwave?

Shivani Shama has invented the microwave

Who discovered the microwave oven?

The microwave is not a product of nature; it was invented. To see who invented the microwave and more information, see the related link below.

When was a microwave oven invented?

It was invented in 1945.

Which was invented first light bulb microwave or telephon?

Telephone The telephone was invented in 1876.The light bulb was invented in 1879. The microwave was invented in 1945.

When was microwave spectrometer invented?

The microwave spectrometer was invented in 1947 by E. B. Wilson and R. H. Hughes. There are 2 types of microwave spectrometers.

What country or origin was the microwave invented?

It was invented in France

Who invented microwave and internet?

it was me

How was the microwave used when originally invented?

The Microwave was used to cook food.

How do you put microwave in a sentence?

The microwave was invented by mistake.It was invented when a scientist walked past a microwave emitter and discovered the chocolate in his pocket melted.A microwave is a form of electromagnetic radioactive energy.

What date did Percy L.Spencer invented the microwave oven and magnetron?

Percy L Spencer invented the microwave oven in 1945 ...

What did Louis Grant invented?

He invented a microwave oven

Which was invented first the microwave oven the light bulb or the telephone?

The telephone was invented in the 1870s.The light bulb was invented in the 1880s.The microwave oven was invented in the 1940sTo the telephone came first.

What was created first the telephone the microwave oven or the lightbuld?

The microwave was invented first.

What was the date that the microwave was invented?


In what year was the microwave invented?


Where was the microwave ovens invented?


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