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Why was the snowmobile made?


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to do fun stuff in the snow


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the worlds fastest factory made snowmobile is the z1 turbo at about 148 MPH.

it was the snowdogTHE first snowmobile made was a truck type of vehicleoutfitted with skis and two tracks

steel, aluminum, plastic and fiberglass

The First snowmobile was invented in Canada to help cover the snowy trails of North America. The first snowmobile could fit 7 people and looked more like a boxcar.The first snowmobile was made in Quebec, Canada. It was made by Joseph Bombardier.The first snow mobile was made in Valcourt, Quebec by Joseph-Armand Bombardier, the founder of Bombardier Industries.

The worlds fastest factory made snowmobile is the Arctic Cat Z1 Turbo. It can go About 142 MPH.

It made my life worth living

usually kevlar reinforced rubber

the first snowmobiles were made out of a motor track and 50 gallon barrle.

help turn the snowmobile on ice

Yes you can. If you rent the snowmobile you can.

it is when a snowmobile climbs up a hill.

he is the inventor of the snowmobile he is the inventor of the snowmobile

how to install automotive tachometer on a snowmobile

A "snowmobile" translated into French becomes: "motoneige"

Why in gods name did you buy a snowmobile

The weather was very bad, but he could get to the town with his snowmobile.

there is nothin you can do to an efi snowmobile. the snowmobile is ran by a computer box therefor you can not fight against the box!

who invented and sold the first snowmobile?

pull it out with another snowmobile or a groomer that is nearby.

Yes , you can use a motorcycle helmet for a snowmobile.

Canada is a country, theirfore it did not, and could not invent the snowmobile.

The snowmobile was not invented in Minnesota. Carl Eliason (Sayner, Wisconsin) is credited with developing the first prototype of the modern snowmobile in 1924.

The best place to find Ski Doo snowmobile parts will be from your local sports dealer or snowmobile dealer. Buying from a dealer will ensure you get a quality part that will work with your model of snowmobile.

I went in something resembling a snowmobile on a glacier in the Rockies in 1956.

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