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It was the process used to decide the number of representatives that could be elected to the House of Representatives by Southern states and the distribution of tax revenue. Each slave was counted as three-fifths of a person" rather than a whole individual in an attempt to keep Southern slave owners from gaining substantial power in government and financial advantage in the apportioning of taxes. also that some people can be such a b about f slaves

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Q: Why was the three-fifths compromise called the three-fifths compromise?
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The ThreeFifths Compromise determined how population would be counted for?

Representation in Congress and also direct taxes on the population of the states.

Why was the three fifths Compromise threefifths and not any other ratio?

well i don't really know i just know that this was the Founding Fathers' "brilliant idea"

What was the compromise called?

It was called the Great Compromise.

What was the Compromise that called for bicameral legislature?

The Conneticut Compromise

What is the Great Compromise also called?

The Great Compromise was also known as the Connecticut Compromise.

What was the Agreement called to create a bicameral legislature called congress?

The Geat Compromise or the Connecticut Compromise

What is the plan called for a bicameral legislative?

Great compromise or Connecticut Compromise

What is aonther name for the Connecticut comprimise?

The Connecticut Compromise was also called the Great Compromise of 1787 or Sherman's Compromise.

What was the compromise over how to count enslaved people called?

the three fifths compromise

What is an agreement in which each side gives up a little?

It is called a compromise. Examples are the Great Compromise, and the Three-Fifths Compromise.

Who is compromise saved the Constitutional Convention and the Constitution?

Roger Sheman's. It was called "The Great Compromise".

Describe compromise the delegates reached concerning representation. By what name was this compromise known?

I believe it is called the three fifths compromise.

What is a promise for a promise called?

a compromise

What was the compromise called that settled the dispute between the Virginia and New Jersey plan?

The Connecticut Compromise.

What was the Agreement between the small and large states to have a bicameral congress called?

Great Compromise Great Compromise

What is another name for the Connecticut compromise?

The_Great_Compromise_">It can also be called The Great CompromiseIf you are using it for the ESHS Gov. and Cit. 01 Packet it is just Great Compromise

What was the compromise called that combined the Virginia and new jersey plans and satisfied both small and large states?

The Great Compromise or Sherman's Compromise (Roger Sherman)

What was the Connecticut compromised also called?

the great compromise

How was the Bill of Rights a compromise?

Federalists were in favor of the Constitution but anti-federalists were not because they were in fear of losing their rights. Congress included the Bill of Rights as a compromise to satisfy both parties. The compromise is commonly called the "Massachusetts Compromise"

What compromise established that the house of representatives would be based on population?

The Connecticut Compromise is what established that the house of representatives would be based on population. This is also sometimes called the Great Compromise.

What compromise called for congress to have a senate and a house of representatives with representation based on population in one and equal in the other?

The Grest Compromise

Explain how the great compromise was a combination of the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey plan?

Virginia Plan + New Jersey Plan = Great Compromise The Great Compromise, also called the Connecticut Compromise, was first suggested by Benjamin Franklin.

What agreement is it called when each side gives in a little bit?

it's called a compromise.

Who was the author of the Missouri compromise of 1850?

The Missouri Compromise was not 1850 but 1820, and it was engineered by the politician Henry Clay. It was also Clay, in his old age, who was called out of retirement to engineer the Compromise of 1850.

At the constitutional convention an agreement was made for two parts to the legislative branch this agreement is called?

the Connecticut Compromise a.k.a the Great Compromise