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In medieval times, religion was the #1 central thing to life. Religion was your culture, your education, your beliefs, everything. These were sad times and people relied on religion to save them. And so they loved their church.

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In medieval times there were often kings and queens. I would say there would be a castle, perhaps a church, and watch tower.

Yes. Almost all medieval art was made for the Church.

Medieval ChurchesHere are 10 sentences about medieval churches-The church in medieval times was much more important in England than it is today. In medieval times EVERYBODY believed that there was a god, heaven and hell. Peasants worked on the church's land for free. People were expected to pay 'taxes' which back then were called tithes. In medieval times the church would be the only stone building in the village. The windows in the churches were shaped in the form of a lancet. Most of the churches had a crucifix- known as a rood. In the churches people sat or stood for the mass in the nave. The church was an ever present facet of the average man's life in medieval times. Churches were made entirely with peasant contributions of money and work

Churches during the medival times was important by giving sancutary and or help those in need. And it's a symbol of God as well.

There were no merchants within the Church of Rome during the medieval period.

the answer is that they placed them in the village stocks.

There was no fixed number of people in a village. A village was defined in terms of features. A village had no permanent market, had one church, and was surrounded by a green zone, which is to say it could not be adjacent to another village. A permanent market or a second church would turn it into a town. Without a church, it was a hamlet. But clearly, a village could exist with a single family, provided it had a church, and could have 1000 people, provided they all went to the same church and did not build a market. A city, by the way, was a town with a cathedral or a charter.

The leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church in Medieval times was the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, who is still the 'first among equals' in the Orthodox Church to this day.

Medival churches seemed to control everything to peoples living to their lives. Church was a very important part of peoples lives in those times.

to try to protect a village or villages

Yes, often times it was a requirement.

A tax paid to the Church in Medieval times was called a tithe.

medieval castles where in important in medieval times because the Emmies were trying to attack the other side. castles were huge and big and with holes so yeah haha.

Not at all! Blacksmiths were honored and respected. They made valuable tools and repaired them, and the smith was an important man in the village.

Some religious people wanted to reform the church during Medieval times because they felt the church was corrupt. There were several reform movements.

In medieval times, the common people only attended church on special holy days. The nobles and ruling classes tended to attend weekly.

Black smiths where important in the medieval times because they made all the swords and house shoes ext..

A Bailiff is a an officer in a medieval village, appointed by the lord or his steward, who was in charge of overseeing the agricultural work of a manor.

Week work was what villein's had to weekly for the lord of the village

In medieval times people shopped at open air markets. Every village had its own market to provide locals with the things that they need.

Back then, Religion was a part of everything in life (ceremonies, markets, mass, festival. etc) Oh and the church had strict punishments :(

the church collected most of the taxes

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