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Why was the xylophone invented?

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it was invented because people wanted to make an instrument that they could use to make a high pitched bell sound by banging 2 sticks or bones on metal or wood pipes!

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Who invented xylophone?


When was the xylophone invented?

The xylophone showed up around in the 14th century.

What in ancient Greece starts with x?

xylophone: the Greeks invented the xylophone.

What year was the xylophone invented?


Who invented the triangle instrument?

the xylophone was invented by Gusikov in 1830

Who is the creator of the xylophone?

The xylophone was invented separately in both Africa and Asia. The first recorded xylophone was from Southeast Asia in the 9th century.

Who invented the xylophone?

sir Connor woods

What was the date the xylophone was invented?

Germany 1835

Which country invented the xylophone?

The xylophone is said to have originated in Asia, but some people also think Africa developed one near the same time. The Asian xylophone is over 4 thousand years old.

Christian words that start with x?

xylophone because Christians invented it I hope that this info helps you!

What is 'xylophone' in French?

un xylophone (masc.)

What are some objects that begin with the letter X?

· x-ray· Xerox· xylophoneXylophoneXylophone* xenomorph * xylophonexylophonex-ray machinexerox copier

What is an antonym for xylophone?

antonym of xylophone

How do you spell xylophone in french?

un xylophone

What does xylophone mean?

A xylophone is a musical insrtument.

How do you spell xylophone?

Xylophone is the correct spelling.

How do you spell xyslophone?

Xylophone is how you spell xylophone

What Does A Xylophone Do?

A xylophone helps you make music.

How many keys are there on a xylophone?

There are 83 Keys on a Xylophone.

What objects begin with the letter X?


Which person invented the xylophone?

The xylophone has been part of African, Indochinese and Indonesian cultures since records began. They were usually very crude and very few early ones have survived. The first modernised, westernised versions emerged in the 19th century on the request of composers who had travelled to Africa for inspiration and wanted the xylophone for orchestral use.

What does a xylophone look like?

a xylophone has a ladder like layout.

How works a xylophone?

by striking the wooden bars to the bars of the xylophone...

Is a xylophone a helpful or harmful insect?

a xylophone is not an insect, its a instrument

What family in the orchestra includes the xylophone?

The xylophone is a percussion instrument

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