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Why was trade important to the New England colonies?

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Because they had lots of ports and their farming was not doing well. It was the only way to make profit.

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Why was shipbuilding important trade in new England colonies?

We had the wood that England was out of. England had tea, steel etc

What did the New England colonies trade with England?

silk or tea

What did the new England and middle colonies trade for gold or slaves?

They didn't trade for either. New England and middle colonies didn't have gold or slaves.

Were the New England colonies part of the Triangular Trade route?

Yes, they took the slaves to the new england colonies.

What was New England colonies labor force?

New England colonies labor forces are to sell slaves and trade.

In which colonies was lumber an important export?

It was important in the New England Colonies

Was the protestant work ethic important in all the New England Colonies?

Yes, it was important in all New England colonies

In which colonies was fishing important?

The New England Colonies.

What did people trade in the new england colonies?


Who did the europeans trade goods with?

new england colonies

Did the new England colonies have any major seaports?

The New England colonies had several important seaports, of which the most important was Boston.

Why was the New Bedford Massachusetts important to the economy of the New England Colonies?

The economy of New England was based in trade and commerce. New Bedford was a port from which goods could be shipped and unloaded.

What was the economy like in the new England colonies?

the economy in the new England colonies are small farms , lumbering, fishing, ship building, and trade.

How did the Atlantic trade effect the New England colonies?

new England colonies made the soil bad so they start making money..

Triangular trade was developed by?

New England and middle colonies

What is the main religion in the New England colonies?

trade and shipbuilding

Where did the New England colonies get there slaves?

In the triangle trade, England brought goods to trade with Africa slave merchants which then were sent to the west indies then if bought to the colonies.

Why were towns and villages important in the new England colonies?

Why we're towns and villages important to new England life

How were middle colonies different from the New England colony?

middle colonies were made from trade except Pennsylvania. England colonies were made from religeous freedom

Who developed the triangular trade system?

the new england and middle colonies

Was education important in the new England colonies?


Why was education important in the New England colonies?


How did trade affect the economy of the New England colonies?

the trade with sugar plantations in the Caribbean made many merchants very wealthy and led to new industries in new England.

Commerce and trade in the thirteen colonies?

I'm pretty sure that the New England Colonies were themost involved in commerce and trade. Hope this helps.

Why was shipbuilding important trade in the new England colonies?

The area had plenty of forests that provided nessesary materials. for trade (particularly slaves) new England seaports grew, more merchant ships were being built. They used them for fishing. New England made high quality valuable ships.