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That doesn't make sense, George Washington was first president.

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Q: Why wasn't George Washington the first president?
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What was George Washington controversy?

George washington wasnt black, that was the contraversy

Who was presiedent in the Revolutionary War?

there wasnt a president during the revoulutionary war. though george washington bcame the president after the war.

Why is Washington state called Washington?

no actually they named it after a british explorer that had the last name Washington but it wasnt George Washington the named Washington dc after George Washington * **The origin of Washington State name is indeed that is was named after our first president :George Washington. He is on the flag of our state and if one did a small amount of research you would see that this is true.

Was George Washington democcrat?

No, he wasnt a republican either, he was no party.

Did george washington win every election he was ever in?

no he wasnt

Only president who wasnt a member of a political party?


Was George Washington really the first president some say there is a possibility that he wasnt?

He was the first President under the new Constitution, the only one to be elected by unanimous vote of the electoral college. Under ther previous Articles of Confederation, therte was no president or any type of chief executive.

Who was the first president to assume the office of president?

In super-technical terms, George Washington was, but in reality he was the 8th president. The first President was actually John Hanson under the Articles of Confederation in 1781. But his presidency was downplayed because technically we were not the "United States of America" but he was still the first president because the Dec Of Ind declared us free of Britain, yet united the colonies, and so they became the United "States". But since it wasnt in writing, and because the Articles of Confederation werent such a success, people began to challenge this. And this is where we get "George Washington first president" from.

Was Abraham Lincoln a wealthy landowner?

no he wasnt George Washington was a wealthy landowner

Did president Washington live in the whitehouse?

no it wasnt built yet it was still under construction

Who was the first black person on TV?

george bush ..... uhhh george bush wasnt black.

What did George Washington do while he was in the White House?

He was never in the White House because it wasnt built yet.

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