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Why wasn't the 1787 vote on the US Constitution unanimous?

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One of the states did not sent a repesentative. Which one was it though?

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Q: Why wasn't the 1787 vote on the US Constitution unanimous?
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Is an unanimous vote correct or a unanimous vote?

An unanimous vote is correct.

On what date did Delaware vote to accept the constitution?

December 7th, 1787

Who gave the gay right to vote?

The signers of the US constitution, in 1787.

What state's vote made the constitution legal?

New Hampshire's Vote made the constitution legal because it was the ninth state to vote yes, because of the nine states voting yes it made it unanimous .

What three states ratified the constitution unanimously?

The United States Constitution was ratified by unanimous vote from Delaware, Georgia, and New Jersey.

Sentence with the word unanimous?

It was an unamimous vote The vote for the declaration of Independence was unaimous

Who was unanimously elected president of the convention?

George Washington was elected President of the Constitutional Convention by unanimous vote. The Constitutional Convention opened in 1787 in Philadelphia.

What is an example sentence for unanimous?

The law was passed with a unanimous vote.

What was the first state to approve of the US Constitution?

Delaware, on December 7, 1789 became the first state to ratify the New Constitution with a unanimous vote.

What is meant by unanimous vote?

Unanimous vote is 100% of voters voting for the same person, proposition, etc.

What could be a sentence with the word unanimous?

Unanimous means that there is no disagreement. Here are some sentences.The decision was unanimous.He was elected by unanimous vote.We were in unanimous agreement.

Why was the vote at the South Carolina convention of 1860 was unanimous?

why do you think the vote at the south Carolina convention of 1860 was unanimous

How do you write a sentence for the word unanimous?

The vote was unanimous. Bob had won.

Why did the vote on independence have to be unanimous?

Because John Dickinson, a delegate from Pennsylvania, passed a resolution requiring the vote for Independence to be unanimous.

Why do you think the vote at ths South Carolina convention of 1860 was unanimous?

why do think the vote at the south convention of 1860 was unanimous

What could be a sentence with the word unanimous in it?

The vote wass passed by unanimous desicion

What is the vote called if everyone casts the same vote?


If everyone casts the same vote the vote is said to be what?


What does congress do after receiving a unanimous vote for independence?

They found out who didn't vote and make them vote.

Was George Washington really the first president some say there is a possibility that he wasnt?

He was the first President under the new Constitution, the only one to be elected by unanimous vote of the electoral college. Under ther previous Articles of Confederation, therte was no president or any type of chief executive.

What president had an unanimous vote?

George Washington

What is it called when all voters vote the same?


To convict a federal criminal defendantthe jury vote must be what?

Guilty by unanimous vote.

How many years after the constitution was ratified did women recieve the right to vote?

The constitution was ratified on Sept. 17th, 1787 and the 19th amendment [giving women the right to vote] was ratified on August 18th, 1920, nearly 133 years later.

What year were American women officially denied the vote?

American women were not allowed to vote according to the US Constitution in 1787. Although it was not said expressly that women could not vote, only men are listed as potential voters.