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Q: Why wasnt tha car invented?
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Who has invented car?

The main creators of tha car was Nicolas Cugnot and Sir Isacc Newton.

Was the car invented when the first phone was invented?

No not even close, the first car was invented in the 1700, by a French man named Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. The car was powered by steam. The telephone wasnt invented until the late 1890-1970s.

How was dodgeball invented?

it was invented when it wasnt

Michael Collins belfast broy car bomb?

never happened, work of fiction. Car bomb wasnt invented in 1919

When was you pod invented?

It wasnt

When was the left hand rule invented?

it wasnt invented ;)

When was the line dance invented?

it wasnt

When about was fashion invented?

It wasnt "invented", it is just kind of there. it is like asking when style was invented

How will computers effect people?

good u wouldn't have tha awnser to this question if it wasnt for computers

What would happen if Lego wasnt invented?

=== ===

Who invented the figure square?

It wasnt me.... :P

Who discoverd motorcycle?

it wasnt discovered, it was invented

Was the secret ballot invented in 1854?

no it wasnt

What Date Was Pizza Invented?

Pizza wasnt invented, it was developed over many years, there is no date.

What if the telephone wasnt invented?

then you wouldn't be asking this question on the internet

What country was the first telegraph invented?

the telegraph was invented in pennsylvania in 1836 but it wasnt succesful till 1837.

Who is the inventor of the ampalaya solution against HIV?

It wasnt invented, it was discovered.

Did rich Victorian children have hopscotch in their house?

no because it wasnt invented then!

Why was the fifth crusade the least successful?

becauase dope wasnt invented then

How do you pronounce carthaginian?


What Toys Were Invented IN 2007?

i think the smartswipe and the bristlebots were invented in 2007....sorry if i wasnt much help! (\/) (. .) c(")(")

When was the wing invented?

The wing wasnt invented; it comes off of an animal or an aeroplane! i hope i have answered ur question :)

When was Lego Star Wars invented?

Lego Star Wars Wasnt Invented, but the first set came out in 1999.

What temperature begin to work tha fan of Lumina LTZ97 In your car begin to 108C and tha car work overheated?

if your engine is at 108c you need to run away

When was the endoscope invented?

1805, but it wasnt used as much becasue it was too bulky and hard to use as it wasnt flexible as todays. a German scientist invented it (forgot name) and used a candle at the end of the endoscope. it wasnt until the 1960's when optics were discovered that the endoscope became so popular.