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the world governing body was totally inept

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Germany, Japan, italy were part of the aggressor Axis nations

In the scramble of Asia, Europeans had to deal with Japan.

Near the end of world war2. The axis powers were Germany and Japan. At the beginning of WW2,the axis was Germany, Italy, and Japan. The US fought with Japan, Germany, and Italy, therefore the answer is Yes.

no japan is its own country and same with Italy they are completely separate japan is in Asia and Italy is in Europe

I believe that the axis consisted of Germany, Japan and in the beginning of the war Russia and Italy

Italy, Germany, japan, and russia in the beginning but became allies later ing the war.

Japan is in "Asia" whereas Italy is in "Europe". In Japan they speack Nipponese (japanese) whereas in Italy they speak Italian. Japan is an island whereas Italy is a penninsula. In Japan the main cultural dish is rice, whereas in Italy is is pasta.

Italy and Japan entered the war to

Japan and India are in Asia. Italy is in Europe.

italy has lot of cites and japan has lots of cites

Italy is in Europe, and India and Japan are in Asia.

At the beginning of the war Italy. Italy changed sides when Mussolini was hung by his own people. Japan was helping the Germans the entire length of the war.

udinese (ITALY) uruwa red diamonds (JAPAN) uxbridge united (NON-LEAGUE)

Nationalism was especially dangerous in the Axis nations: Germany, Italy and Japan.

Italy is in Europe and India and Japan i believe is in Asia

Italy is in Europe, India and Japan are both in Asia.

The prime minister of japan in the beginning was Hideki Tojo

Italy was sided with Great Germany, and with Japan

Germany, Japan and Italy were called the Axis Powers.

they had joined with Italy because Italy said that they would help them.....

The three nations that formed the axis were; Germany, Italy and Japan.AnswerGermany Italy japan Answer SuggestionThe Three Major Nations were; German, Italy and Japan, but there where many others in this alliance.

Italy japan and Germany Italy japan and Germany

After the condemnation, Italy and Japan withdrew from the League of Nations.

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