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On July 14, 1555, Pope Paul IV issued an order "Cum Nimis Absurdum" that stripped Jews of all their rights and, among other things, ordered their homes to be confined to ghettos and required Jews to wear a yellow badge. Initially, this applied only in the Papal States, but Popes Pius IV and Pius V, Paul's successors, expanded this policy and the Ghetto system spread to most of the Catholic countries of Europe. Poland was the major exception. Why? The English translation of the first words gives a strong hint at the reasoning: "Since it is absurd and utterly inconvenient that the Jews, who through their own fault were condemned by God to eternal slavery ... "

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Why did Jews live in the Ghetto?

They only lived in ghettos because they were forced to.

What is separate quarters of a city oftenwalled in which Jews were forced to live?


Segregated neighborhoods in which Jews were forced to live were called?

The word you are looking for is ghetto.

Why were Jews forced to live in the Warsaw ghetto?

They were forced to live in the Warsaw ghetto because Hitler did not like them and this was another type of concentration camp except here not as many people were killed and tortured

How did Elie feel when the Jews were forced to live in the ghettos?

At first he and the other Jews weren't too bothered as they were among fellow Jews and the ghetto created a false sense of security.

What is the definition of Krakow Ghetto massacre?

The Jews were liquidated and forced to concentration camps.

Sentence using ghetto?

ghetto is also called urban crowded spaces. Welcome to my Ghetto!

Where did Jews live during the Warsaw ghetto?

in the buildings. The Warsaw ghetto was not a time, it was a place.

What did the term ghetto mean for jews during World War 2?

A small building where Jews were forced to stay.They were segregated and multiple families had to share one room in each ghetto.

Describle Jews ghetto?

decrible jews ghetto

Where were Polish Jews forced to move into when World War 2 began?

neighborhoods referred to as the Ghetto.

Why did the Jews live in the ghetto?

The Nazis ordered the Jews to move into the ghettos, having first thrown all non-Jews out of the area. There were drastic penalties for failure to move into a ghetto.

What was the purpose of the lodz ghetto?

To make the jews live in hell

How did the Nazis mark the Jews in World War 2?

Jews were required to wear a large yellow Star of David on their chests, and also forced to live in separaate areas of the city ot town (called the ghetto).

What country Or language does ghetto originate?

Ghetto was originally used in Venice to describe the area where Jews were compelled to live.

What is the actual definition for the word ghetto?

"Ghetto" is an Italian word, the name of the part of Venice where Jews were required to live.

Restricted area of a city where Jews were required to live?

The word is ghetto.

What was the section of the city where Jews were required to live in the book Night?


What happened during the krakow ghetto massacre?

Polish Jews which had been forced out of their homes to the ghetto were massacred by German soldiers. For more details watch "Schindlers List".

How where Jews forced to live in ghettos?

They were evicted from their dwellings and told that they had housing in the ghettos. By 1941 any Jew not in a ghetto (or camp) in German controlled territory would most likely have been shot. (as that was easier than arranging transport to a ghetto, or camp)

How was the ghetto formed?

german soldiers made jews live in certain neighboorhoods

What was the first jewish ghetto?

Warsaw Ghetto was the first Ghetto for Jews.

Where were Jews forced to lived?

Besides concentration camps,They would be sent to a ghetto,which they soon had to be sent away to camps. -Mr.Sir

What happened to the Jews in the Shanghai Ghetto?

Most survived. There was a ghetto but Jews didn't have tolive there and it was not sealed off. At the time Shanghai was under Japanese occupation, and the Japanese were completely bewildered by European antisemitism.

What was the size of the Warsaw ghetto and how many Jews can be putted in at once?

The Warsaw ghetto was the largest ghetto established in Poland. the total of Jews that can be crowded in is about 450,000 Jews. They were crowded into an area of 1.4 square miles that was the Warsaw ghetto.