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Why were Silver Stars awarded in World War 2?


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The Silver Star Medal was awarded only for heroism in combat. In the medal hierarchy it ranks after the Medal of Honor and the Distinguished Service Cross (or Navy Cross) which are also only given for heroism in combat and before the Bronze Star Medal (either a heroism or meritorius service medal). This is a high honor for any serviceman. Occasionally people will ask this question because they have a campaign ribbon or other decoration with small 1/4 inch stars attached that are either bronze or silver in color. These stars indicate the number of times the decoration was awarded or the number of campaign's the recipient participated in. A bronze star equals 1 and a silver star equals five bronze stars


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Approximately 50,000 Silver Star Medals were awarded in WWII.

The total number of Bronze Star Medals awarded during World War 2 is unknown. The 82nd Airborne alone was awarded 2,478 Bronze Stars. The medal was created in 1944.

Try "American War Library" and "Statistics about the Vietnam War."No comprehensive list exists.

It was awarded for Gallentry in Action.

World War 1: 124 awardedWorld War 2: 464 awardedVietnam: 246 awardedBringing a total of 834 medals awarded.

The only award that has a monetary compensation attached to it is the Medal of Honor.

The Silver Star was not awarded in World War 1. There was what was called a Citation Star given out in that era (beginning in 1918). Check the National Archives. A link can be found below.

During the Second World War, 20,354 DFCs were awarded.

These battle stars were usually awarded as a means of recognition that a person in service was in a particular battle or a series of campaigns . A distinction should be made when referring to a Silver or Bronze star which is given in recognition of courage or valor in battle . ~ see related link below .

Submarine Combat Pins were awarded during WWII to submarines and the crew when they completed a successful war patrol. The pin itself was awarded for the first success and a star for each following successful patrol. Three stars would represent four successful patrols.

The VC (628 awarded) and the Medal of Honor (124 awarded).

the Iron cross was one of the medals awarded in ww1.

Try the American War Library. They might be able to help.

According to National Geographic magazine (November 2008) there were approximately 964,409 Purple Hearts awarded in the second world war.

he wasn't awarded the iron cross award its a lie

There is no comprehensive listing of Silver Stars.

4,000 gold stars are on the wall because they symbolize the world war 2.

The first Purple Heart was awarded on February 22, 1932. This was many years after World War I had ended, however, there were an estimated 320,500 purple hearts awarded to veterans of World War I.

He Was Awarded The Iron Cross.

If you are referring to Bronze Service Stars, then your loved one served in three Campaigns during WW 2. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

The ribbon is awarded to military personnel involved in WWII in the European Theater. The four bronze stars mean the person participated in four campaigns during that war. A campaign is a major operation usually involving many Army divisions. This is not to be confused with the bronze star medal ... awarded to someone for valor on the battlefield.

Please provide me with the name of the unit Robert W. Graham was a member of. If I have that unit's history, it will have the facts as per his Silver Star Medal & the circumstances surrounding it being awarded to Mr. Graham. Richard V. Horrell WW 2

96 US Medals of Honor were awarded for WWI.

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