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The Marine Corps is an adjunct of the Navy. Although the Navy had important roles to play in every theater of the war, the one where they had the main responsibility, and the top command, was the central Pacific. Therefor they used the Marines there. Michael Montagne

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Q: Why were US Marines not used in beach landings in Europe?
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Were the US Marines the first men to storm the beach in Normandy?

Oddly, US Marines were not used in the amphibious landings in the Mediterranean, Sicily, Italy, Normandy nor Southern France. And for most of the Pacific amphibious landings, the Marines were used most of the time and not the US Army. Kinda odd.

How is the Marines a department of the Navy?

The original purpose of the Marines was to provide security and protection onboard ships. They were essentially soldiers that used their weapons on a ship. As the duties evolved to include amphibious landings and projection of power on shore, the Marines evolved into a more autonomous unit. They continue to provide security for Navy installations and onboard larger Navy Vessels.

Were puppets used to show moon landings on tv?

They may have been used either in jest or as explanations for kids shows, but they were not used in order to fake the actual moon landings. The landings were real, the astronauts were men.

Was there a boat used in the D-Day landings known as uranus?

There was a British 'Fleet class' Destroyer named HMS Uraniainvolved at Gold Beach. - No Uranus anywhere.

Why was the war in pacific theater said to have had a thousand D-days?

D-Day is thought to mean an amphibious landing (which is not the case). There were many amphibious landings in the Pacific Theater as each island had to be taken. Sometimes there were multiple landings for one island or chain of islands. This is why the Marines played was mainly used in the Pacific and not in the European theaters.

Will Runway 31at JFK be used for landings only for landings?

No, I just recently was on a CRJ-900 that took off 31L.

Who goes in battle first the army or marines?

If it's a shore based enemy...the Marines are sent in. If it's a 100% land battle far from the ocean...then it's the army's jurisdiction. Un-officially...the Marines have had a tougher duty by the very nature of securing hostile beach-heads. Consequently, their training (used to be) legendary for toughness. Translation: US Marines "used" to be the equivalent of "shock troops" in the US military...the toughest US fighting men alive.

Did Great Britain win during d-day?

Do you mean in the beach head or battles after the landings? If the landings which beach? If after the landings what battle.(I'm being quite hard arn't I?) With my knowledge the D-Day landings were all helped by the 101st airborne an American unit so really they did in the long run. They got hammered but they won.(I think) :/ D Day was, by & large, successful from the point of the Allies. Both the US & British used parachute forces on the flanks. I think it is quite true that Montgomery, in charge of the British actually 'pulled the panzer forces on' in Operation Goodwood which allowed Patton to lead the breakout, Operation Cobra.

How are ailerons used for landings?

They help the aircraft bank or turn

What beaches were D-Day landings on?

The D Day landings took place on 5 separate beaches on the northern coast of France. The American beaches, UTAH and OMAHA, were the western beaches because that allowed their direct re-supply from America without crossing the sea lanes of the re-supply to GOLD the British beach, JUNO the Canadian beach and SWORD the Allied beach. The landings on SWORD were mainly of British forces but it is known as the Allied beach because 'Free' forces such as the French under Commandant Kieffer, landed in the area. The gaps between the beaches were filled by Special Forces such as Commandos and Rangers and at each end of the landings, ie. around UTAH and SWORD, airborne forces were used to stop the Germans attacking the landings from the flanks. The landing scenes in 'Saving Private Ryan' depict the landings of A Company, 1st Battalion, 29th Divison which had been recruited from the small town of Bedford in Virginia, 23 of whom were lost on D Day. They landed on OMAHA just below where the 29th Division Memorial now stands on an old German bunker. In total the casualties on OMAH were the greatest of all of the beaches.

WHAT WAS Code word used in the d-day landings?


What was the name of the rocket used for the moon landings?

Saturn V (or five)

Can US Marines be referred to as GIs?

Yes, but it is typically used for the Army. GI stands for government issue and was used as a general term for any member of the US military. Marines would prefer to be called Marines or Jarheads.

What famous aircraft used during d day landings?

p 51

What is the coad name for the D-day landings?

The main code-name used by the Allies for the landings on the Normandy beaches (the main part of the D-Day operation) was Operation Overlord.

Are the U S Marines apart of the army or is it an individual branch in the military?

The Marines are part of the Navy. Originally they were solders who fought on ships, hence the name Marines. When pirates would try to take over a ship, Marines would fight against them. Later Marines were also used for land battles.

What was the name of the gliders used at the D Day landings to drop paratroopers?

You'll need to refer to the related link below for information regarding military gliders since both the US and British used different gliders to make airborne landings .

Is there such thing as a hovercarft?

Yes, there are hovercrafts. They are used commercially as ferry boats carrying passengers and cars in Northern Europe. The US Navy operates a lot of similar vessels for insertion of Marines into enemy territory.

Which branch of the military used the weapon bazooka?

Army and Marines.

What are swings used at beach called?

Swings at the beach

What does the phrase hoorah when used by the Marines?

It is a battle cry used as a greeting or as an expresion of enthusiasm

What was the Stonehenge used for?

There are many theories what it was used for like. Sacrifices( but that idea backfired), UFO landings and more. Hope this helps! =D

What is the royal marines moto?

Per Mare Per Terram ("By Sea, By Land"), the motto of the Marines, is believed to have been used for the first time in 1775.

Why are the Marines called Devil Dogs?

The doberman is often used in the marines. They are very easy to train and are the most intelligent dog, but are very aggressive and vicious.

Why did the US Marines win the battle of Iwo Jima?

they used gunes