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On the Western Front the two sides were fairly evenly matched. The war became a 'war of attrition'. It was very much a conflict of numbers and of the industrial resources of the two sides. Obviously, this tended to favour the Entente as the war dragged on. Worst of all, perhaps, the machine-gun turned almost every battle into a massacre. The generals on both sides were incompetent and of the lowest calibre that one can imagine. It wasn't till 1918 that the tank was used intelligently.

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Why were casualties so high on the western front?

During World War I, casualties were high on the Western Front (as well as on the various other fronts) due to the superiority of defensive tactics and technology. Defenders were well-equipped to counter anything thrown at them by attackers; however, the prevailing military wisdom of the times favored offensive operations. Hence, time and time again, attacks were made against formidable positions, thereby causing high casualties.

Was World War 1 a genocide?

No. The number of casualties was very high, but that doesn't make World War 1 genocide.

Why was the death count so high in the first battle of marne?

The First Battle of the Marne was composed of 3 major actions: the Battle of ... the area that morning and was stopped short of high ground north of Meaux. .... No future battle on the Western Front would average so many casualties per day.

What war had the most casualties?

World War II It has a low estimate of 40,000,000 and a high estimate of 72,000,000

Which weapon of World War 1 resulted in trench warfare and high numbers of casualties?

The exploding shell.

What is a sentence with the word casualties?

When the bus crashed there were many casualties....

Why were casualties in the World War 1 so high?

War had become industrialised, with such weapons as machine guns, artillery, and poison gas.

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Did France take a lot of damage during World War I?

Yes. The major part of fighting on the Western Front during World War 1 took place on French soil. Since France contributed more soldiers than the British, Belgians, or Americans on that front, they suffered a high casualty rate.

What was the turning point in the eastern front in world war 1?

There was no turning point because the Germans inflicted high casualties on the Russians who most of the time had 1 rifle between 4 people so then they ran into machine fire. They did this until they pulled out of the war in 1917

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What is The war of attrition's relation to ww1?

A war of attrition, in general, is a war with high casualities but little territorial gain. The most famous war of attrition is the conflict on the Western Front in France during World War I.

What were Czar Nicholas II's worst errors?

Living extravagantly while his people were poor and suffering and not pulling out of World War I despite the high casualties.

What is the percentage of casualties in war?

The percentage of casualties in wars depends on each specific war. The percentages range from as low as 15% to as high asÊ77% casualty of war.Ê

How many men died after 8 weeks of fighting in golipoli?

ANSWER The battle had cost some 250,000 casualties to British and French. The Turkish casualties were equally high.

What country gave up in World War 1?

Russia backed out because they had more to lose during the war than win. their people were starving and casualties were high

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What was the effect of Russia's exit from the war?

A flood of German soldiers with high morale after their victory went to the Western Front, putting the Allied Forces at a disadvantage.

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