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Hitler needed someone to blame someone for Germany's pathetic state. by blaming them he gained popularity in Germany

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Q: Why were certain minorities targeted in the Holocaust?
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Which group was the MAIN target of the Nazis during the Holocaust?

Primarily Jews, but other minorities were targeted by the Nazis.

Why were certain groups targeted by Hitler in the Holocaust?

there was a reason why each group was targeted, but generally speaking because he did not want them in his society.

Who did the Germans target for the Holocaust?

The Germans targeted anyone who wasn't a pure, healthy, stable Germans. he targeted Jews, gypsies, half Germans, and the disabled Germans, and many other minorities.

What are some things about the holocaust?

The Holocaust occurred at the time of World War 2. Though Holocaust mainly targeted Jews, other groups were targeted as well. Millions of Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

Were left handers targeted by the holocaust?


What religion was targeted by the holocaust?


Were Jews in the Holocaust considered civilians?

The Jews targeted in the Holocaust were civilians.

What demographic of people where targeted in the Holocaust?

The Holocaust did not discriminate by age group.

How many Japanese died in the Holocaust?

None. The Japanese were not targeted during the Holocaust.

Who was targeted for persecution in the Holocaust?

Jews, gays and the mentally handicapped were persecuted in the Holocaust.

What religion was targeted in holocaust times?


Did the Jews have leaders that were targeted first in the holocaust?


Why was the Jewish people targeted during the Holocaust?

. The Jews Were Targeted During The Holocaust Because ; during The Holocaust most jews were put in concertration camps german's blammed many things upon them

How was the Holocaust an act of genocide?

yess. ---------------------- There are many definitions of genocide, in a 2007 definition, it was defined as an effort to kill a certain group of people by eliminating the women and children (first). Though in the Holocaust the men were targeted first, because of various developments, the women and children were soon targeted for summary execution.

Which groups were targeted for persecution in the holocaust?

Jews (and Gypsies)

Were Jehovahs witnesses in the Holocaust?

Yes they were. Jehovah's Witnesses were one of the groups targeted in the Holocaust by Hitler.

Who was targeted for extermination in the holocaust?

Originally only Jews were targeted for extermination, they would be joined by gypsies.The disabled were also targeted for extermination, but this was before the Holocaust and was the inspiriation for many of the extermination camps of the Holocaust.Other groups who were persecuted by the Nazis like Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, tarde unionists, clergy and many more, were not targeted for extermination, but were held in concentration camps.

What two other groups were targeted during the holocaust?

Many minority groups were targeted. People like homosexuals, gypsies, and etc. were targeted.

Who all was targeted during the holocaust?

Mostly Jews, Gypsies, mentally and physically handicapped, and homosexuals were targeted.

During the genocide who was targeted in turkey?

1.5 Million Armenians were brutally and monstrously killed. But also Greeks and other minorities were targeted.

How was Bosnia different from the holocaust?

Bosnia targeted the Muslim minority

Were pigs killed in the holocaust?

They were not one of the main groups targeted.

What ethnicities and minority groups were not targeted in the Holocaust?

It's simpler to ask which groups were targeted. See the related question.

Why was the Holocaust against Jews and not another type of people?

To the contrary, it wasn't only Jews who were persecuted, though they did constitute the majority. Gyspsies, gays, other minorities and political disidents were all targeted, imprisoned and executed during the years of the Holocaust. They were targeted because Hitlor needed someone to blame the problems of Geremny on and in the bible the caused so much troble the Hitlor knew the would be a easy target.

Why were victims of the holocaust targeted?

Because they were Jewish. Jews were one of many sections of society that Hitler did not see as part of his Germany. More than that, because of their numbers they were targeted for extermination, hence the Holocaust.