Why were films dealing with bizarre social problems such as miscegeneation often set in Canada?

(NIMBY- Not in My Back Yard!) syndrome is a likely answer. there were some unusual happenings in our Neighbor to the North such as the birth of the Dionne Quintuplets in l934 which may well have opened up Northern Horizons to the movie and Broadway crowd- there was rather quickly, a Broadway Play (Babes in the Woods) which came out within months of the multiple births. so you had an exotic and remote cabin for setting the stage- this also would draw attention away from say, Midtown Manhattan, crime-rattled Chicago, etc and imply, welll, Canada"s a Backward Country- and we do not have this problem in New York! maybe the censors also at work, setting things in a foreign country tightens the focus on the actors and actresses and can open up, as started before subject-matter horizons. a number of films dealing with outre social problems were-in fact set in Canada, far more than Spanish-speaking countries.