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B/c he had just been treated for cancer.

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Why is Lance Armstrong eminent?

Lance Armstrong is very eminent as he is the only person to win the tour of France a total of seven times , and we must not forget that he had suffered from cancer he recovered and still has a desire to race again next year.

Is Neil Armstrong a widow and remarry?

Yes neil Armstrong has divorced his first wife and has remarried again.

What country did Jean Ribault sail from?

from France to America to France again.

What athlete was stripped of seven titles and banned from ever again competing is his sport because of persistent allegations of doping?

In 2012, former road racing cyclist, Lance Armstrong, was stripped of his Tour de France titles.

What are the efects of gaming?

amazing you never have to go outside ever again.

Why did Neil Armstrong Mary again?

because the other lady died of brain tumor

How do you say tomorrow again in France?

Demain aussi OR Aussi Demain Tomorrow again OR Again Tomorrow

What year was Neil Armstrong marriage?

Neil Armstrong was married twice. He was first married in 1956 to Janet Shearon. He was married again in 1994 to Carol Held Knight.

How many words can you make out of Amazing?

AMAZING a, again, aim, am, an, gain, gam, gin, I, in, ma, main, man, manga, nag, zing

When does Justin Bieber go to France again?

No Justin bieber wont go to France again.. It's wrong He will come again but he doesn't know when !!He said at the end of 2010 or early 2011!

Is rey mysterio and batista ever going to be friends again?

i believe they can become friends again i think they will be amazing together

What if your so amazing that?

Im sorry, this does not make sense. Please try again.

Was France part of the Soviet Union?

No it was part of FRANCE. But in WW2 it was taken over by Germany. Then when D-Day happened, France was once again France

What goal did Britain and France have for Germany after world war 1?

France wanted to weaken Germany so that it wouldn't threaten France again

When did France become allies with Russia?

France and Russia became allies in 1892 and that ended again in 1904.

Did Neil Armstrong ever go on the moon again?

No, and he never returned to space again either. He left NASA soon after the moon landing Apollo 11 mission.

Will there be a king in France again?

It is very unlikely that there will be a king in France again. It would be necessary to change the constitution and the idea of returning to a monarchy is preposterous to the French. The last king was ousted by the 1848 revolution and France has been a republic ever since.

What happened to France after Napoleon?

It was ruled again by a Bourbon Monarch.

In 2000 watts is Michael Jackson voice?

Yes, it is indeed his voice. And he again shows his versatility, what an amazing talent. No matter what range he sings in he sounds amazing. People don't appreciate what an AMAZING singer he is, wonderful vocal technique.

What was the number one Christmas gift for 1976?

The number one Christmas gift for 1976 was Stretch Armstrong. The popular Stretch Armstrong toy was sold up until 1980 and then reissued again in 1990.

What is the date when Neil Armstrong came back to Earth from the moon?

They returned on to the earth again on 24/7/1969.

When did revolutionary republican France become a monarchy again?

After Napoleon's exile to Elba and again after his exile to St. Helena.

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