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Why were many Jews refused entry to many countries in the 1930s?


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  1. High unemployment. (It was the 1930s).
  2. Antisemitism.
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other countries refused to accept them

That depends on the countries and on whether the Jews were orthodox or Reform. In Germany, for example, the majority of Jews were NOT orthodox and dressed very inconspicuously - as in many other countries.

because they were being persecuted in their home countries.

In Germany in the 1930s, Jews had to wear badges that identified them as Jews. Many of them were segregated from the rest of society in ghettoes.

the only Jews that were removed in the 30s were those that were arrested.

Most of the immigrant Jews in the early 1930s were from Poland.

Some countries refused to accept then during the Great Depression.

No, many Jewish people were from Poland that faced persecution. ___ The Nazis killed all the Jews that they could find in the various countries that they invaded and occupied. ____ (apart from those countries whose governments refused to surrender them.)

Some countries were neutral (for example, Sweden) and some were fighting more or less successfully against Germany (like Britain). In these countries Jews were safe. A few countries that were allied to Germany refused to hand over Jews - for example, Bulgaria (after initial hesitation) and Finland. Italy, before it was occupied by the Nazis in 1943, aslo refused to hand over Jews. Until 1944 Hungary generally refused, too. Some allies of Nazi Germany participated very actively and some even organized their own Holocausts - for exampe, Croatia and Romania. == ==

From the spring of 1933 onwards.

They thought that destroying the Jews was morally questionable.

The US intelligence community and the Presidential cabinet knew about the persecution of the Jews from Jews in the countries and those that came to the US to escape from the Nazi Germans. They did lack the knowledge of the extent of killings of the Jews and all their methods of killing the Jews. The Allied Forces got the full understanding of the Holocaust when they found the concentration camps. The public was told about the killing of the Jews by newspapermen and magazine reporters but the general public refused to believe it. After the war they regretted their ignorance of the seriousness of the Nazi oppression and regretted their isolationist attitudes prior to the entry of the UK and USA in the war.

Jews go on holiday to the same places everyone else goes to. The one limitation is that most Arab countries do not allow entry to people with Israeli passports/Israeli visas stamped in their passports.

On the whole wealth did not help people. Most safe countries had strict quotas on the numbers they admitted. Please also note that all Jews were deprived of their money, either before or on entry to camps. There were also severe restrictions on the amount of money that Jews were allowed on entry to ghettos.

Countries did not ban Jews, they banned Jewish refugees. Jews who were already nationals were fine.

Germans persecuted Jews in a number of ways throughout the 1930s. Almost as soon as Hitler came to power, the Nazis began boycotting Jewish owned businesses, and they required Jews to mark themselves with a star. In 1938, Jews are openly attacked and Jewish businesses are ransacked. This was the precursor to the roundup of the Jewish people into the camps.

Jews were around before countries were.

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The Egyptian Pharaoh refused to release the Jews.

Answer:During the Holocaust Thousands of Jews escaped Nazi persecution by fleeing to countries such as Switzerland and France. Some went to England and then travelled to the US on a boat. Jews settled down across the US and have now grown to more Jews in America than in Israel. Answer:The above answer SEEMS to make sense, but there were Jews in America prior to the Revolutionary War. Jews that fled the Nazis came on ships such as the "St. Louis." President Roosevelt didn't want to upset Hitler, as this was before the US entered the war, and so they were refused entry and turned back to die at the hands of the Nazis. So the above answer is obviously not accurate.

* Denmark succeeded in shipping nearly all its Jewish population to Sweden. * Bulgaria, after dithering, refused to hand over its Jews to Germany.

The Coffee Nazis refused to give the captured Jews any coffee. "NO COFFEE FOR YOU!"

Please see the related question. Identification was not secret.

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