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Mother goddesses gave early civilizations a way of explaining aspects of life in the natural world such as motherhood, fertility, and destruction. It was their way of making sense of all creation.

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What was the goddess of children?

Do you mean WHO was the Goddess of children? There are many. Any Mother Goddesses would qualify, especially goddesses of childbirth such as Artemis. Another one is Isis, she represents the mothers and children of the world.

What has the author Buffie Johnson written?

Buffie Johnson has written: 'Lady of the beasts' -- subject(s): Animals, Animals in art, Goddesses, Mother goddesses, Mother goddesses in art, Mother-goddesses, Religious aspects, Religious aspects of Animals

What is the mother goddess of Mesopotamia?

The mother goddesses name of Mesopotamia is Poseidon

Which god or goddesses is mother of creation in Hinduism?


Was Athena the mother to many demigods?

In mythology, Athena was never a mother. She was one of the virgin goddesses.

Who is the Greek mother of the Gods?

Rhea - Greek Titan Rhea Mother of the Gods and Goddesses of Mt. Olympus

Was Mary important to Christianity?

As the mother of the Christian savior, Mary played an important role in the story. * Mary was very important to Christianity, as the earlier religions were mainly matriarchal and people needed someone to replace their goddesses or they would have had no interest in the new religion.

What did Isis symbolise?

Isis in the Egyptian goddess of Magic and she was the "Mother of all Goddesses."

Who was the mother of Nyx?

Nyx is believed to be one of the very first goddesses, a daughter of Chaos.

What were terracotta figures of mother goddesses?

Mother goddess figures representing fertility are as old as civilization itself. However, goddesses also represented other things in various cultures. Please refer to the links for examples of Greek/Roman and Cretian Goddess figures.

Whats the name of the world's earliest civilizations?

Africa.Africa is the mother of Civilization. It is called that because Africa was the VERY FIRST CONTINENT to begin Civilizations. And did you know that it was also the Time Of The Dinosaurs when the First Civilizations begon?

What has the author Kathleen M Erndl written?

Kathleen M. Erndl has written: 'Victory to the Mother' -- subject(s): Hindu Goddesses, Religion, Religious life and customs, Hindu goddesses

How was the Chavin culture like the Olmec culture?

They were both like mother cultures for civilizations that came after them.

Who are Poseidons mom and dad?

Poseidon's mother and father, like most of the other Gods/Goddesses, are Rhea and Kronos.

Is Oenopion the mother of Euryale?

No: Oenopion is a male mortal. Euryale the Gorgon was the daughter of goddesses either Gorgo or Ceto.

Who are the minor gods?

minor gods are gods that are.... well minor. they are not as important as the 12 Olympians and are gods and goddesses of minor things. (example Doris a sea goddess, mother of 50 sea nymphs called Nereids) hope that helped?

Why is Hebe famous?

Hebe is the Greek Goddess of Youth, Cupbearer to the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus, and wife of Hercules, mother of his children Alexiares and Anicetus. Her mother was Hera, her father Zeus.

Why did the Greeks believe the gods and goddesses were related?

The greek's Believed that the gods and goddesses were related because the greek god life started with mother earth Gaea and Uranus who had the 12 titans and the males took there sisters as wives.

Who are the main Greek goddesses in Greek mythology?

Some Greek goddesses included Chaos (who was never described as having a form), Gaia (Mother Earth), Thesis (some say she is the daughter of Chaos), Nyx (goddess of night).

Who is the Egyptian god of wolves?

The goddesses Nephthes, she is also the goddesess of water and snakes. Shes the sister of isis and the mother of anubis

How were the gods born according in Mythology?

In Greek mythology, the gods/goddesses were the children of Gaia(mother earth) and Uranus(the sky).

Who was the Egyptian goddess of and protector of mother and children?

Taweret, as well as Isis and other Egyptian goddesses were patrons of mothers and children.

Why is a mother important in a new born baby's life?

the mother is important as the baby will recognize her voice from when he/she was in the womb and they are important times as the baby will start recognize who her mother and father are.

What is the greek mother goddess name?

There are many goddesses in Greek myth, and many of them are mothers - but the main "mother goddess" is Hera who looked after women with child, Artemis looked after the baby itself.

What were some gods and goddesses of ancient India?

their were more the 10 gods & goddess the mother of gods is aditi the father of gods is brahma

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