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They were either considered to be political enemies or they were considered to be inferior. Either they were considered to have a racial influence not supporting the aryan race... i.e. eastern europeans (Russia, Serbia, etc.), gipsy... and considered as dangerous influence like handicapped people and gay people having negative influence... this means they were persecuted due to their family heritance or behavior... or they were opponents not supporting his "leader and rescuer" idea, i.e. communists or rigorous christian groups not accepting the "new saviour" replacing Jesus.

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Who was sent to concentration camps besides Jews in World War 2?

Jews gypsies people with disabilities n more

Who else was forced into concentration camps besides Jews?

The other types of people who were putted into the concentration camps beside Jews were; Gypsies Homosexuals Mentally ill deaf people Physically ill people Disabled people Black people POWs Anyone who opposed Hitler and the Nazi Ideals

How many concentration camps and death camps were there for the jews?

There were about 1,500 concentration camps and they were not just for Jews.

Jews in concentration camps?

over 60 million jews were in concentration camps

What were German concentration camps?

German concentration camps were where Jews and other people went when they were caught by the Nazis

How did the Jews get around the concentration camps?

In the concentration camps, Jews and everyone else marched around the camps.

Where were Jews forced to lived?

Besides concentration camps,They would be sent to a ghetto,which they soon had to be sent away to camps. -Mr.Sir

What did Concentration Camps do?

they killed jews and other people

What other race besides Jews were put into concentration camps?

gypsies, trade unionists and homosexuals

Why do Jews lie about concentration camps?

In my experience, Jewish people have never lied about concentration camps. The camps existed without any question.

Were polish people forced to have consintration camps for Jews?

no - only because no camps were built specifically for Jews, they were forced to have concentration camps though.

What kind of people were mostly placed in concentration camps?


When did the Jews get out of concentration camps?

When the superior white people let them out

Who escaped from the concentration camps and moved to the UK?

the jews ___ Very few people indeed escaped from Nazi concentration camps.

Where were the jews get taken to concentration camps at?

They would no doubt be at the concentration camps.

What did the Jews wear in the concentration camps?

Jews in concentration camps wore striped clothing and a yellow triangle.

Where were the Jews taken before they were taken to concentration camps?

Before the Jewish people were sent into Concentration camps, they were sent to labor camps. After they did not want to use them in the labor camps any longer, then sent them to the Concentration Camps.

When was the first time Jews are put into concentration camps?

The first time Jews were placed in Concentration camps was in 1934.

When did Hitler send the Jews to Concentration Camps?

Jews were putted into Concentration Camps since 1933, when he come to power.

What rights did Jews have in concentration camps?

The inmates of concentration camps had no rights at all.

Why did the Nazis make concentration camps for the Jews?

People can only guess why concentration camps were made for the Jews. There are many different reasons why they might have. No one will ever know for sure.

What was the largest group of people killed in the Nazi concentration camps?

The Jews.

Why were the Jews in the concentration camps not the death camps?

They were in both..

What were the camps called that Jews were placed in?

Concentration camps

What did they do at the concentration camps?

The Nazi concentration camps were the places there the Jews (and others) were taken, to be gassed then burnt in ovens. Hitler exterminated over 4 million people in these camps.

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