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They didn't want to get drafted. Many people did not think the US belonged in Viet Nam.

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Q: Why were people protesting the Vietnam war?
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What war was john Lennon protesting about?


What war was Mary Beth tinker protesting?

Vietnam War

What songs were protesting the Vietnam War?

folk singers

Reaction to Vietnam war?

Protesting and dodging the draft.

Vietnam war protester did what?

The NUMBER ONE reason for protesting the war was THEY DIDN'T WANT TO GO TO VIETNAM (THE DRAFT!).

Why were you protesting against the Vietnam war?

They protesting the military draft. Draft riots, draft card burning.

How did the doves oppose the Vietnam war?

By writing anti-war columns, and protesting.

What were the students protesting when the school district suspended them?

the Vietnam war

Why did people rebel in the 1960's?

the Vietnam war The overall effects of the Civils Rights Movement, especiallyl in the Southern States. Also, Vietnam Nam War protesting.

The anti war movement of the 1960s was?

a movement protesting the Vietnam war- mainly the draft

Did the Vietnam War have the approval of most of the citizens of the US?

No way. Many people were against the war and protested it. in fact, there are many songs from the 60s that are about protesting the war.

How were the kent state killings related to the vietnam war?

The killings at Kent State are related to the Vietnam War because they were there protesting the war. The Ohio National Guard was called in and four people were killed and nine were wounded.

What where the students at kent state university on May 4 1970 protesting?

The students were protesting the American invasion of Cambodia, as well as protesting the continuation of the Vietnam war.

What was the main war in the 1960s in the US?

The civil disobedience and protesting concerning Vietnam.

What is Bob Dylan protesting in his song Blowin' In The Wind?

The war in Vietnam

The incident at Kent State in 1970 is an example of students protesting against?

The Vietnam War

What is theThe anti-Vietnam War movement protest?

Protesting the military draft.

Why did the us remove troops from vietnam?

The American people were protesting against the war and putting a lot of pressure on President Johnson and later President Nixon.

What were Americans protesting during the Vietnam War and why?

The Americans where protesting for there troops to come home from Vietnam because they werent prepared to sacrifice so many lives when they were already loosing the war, this was also unfair for the troops loved ones and family waiting back in the USA

Where there pro Vietnam protests?

Yes. There are two sides to every issue and so there were people who did support the war and would attend anti war protests to let the people protesting know they didn't like what they were doing.

What group was the silent majority in the Vietnam war?

The "silent majority" were a group of American people that were supposed to support the USA in the Vietnam War, as compared to a large amount of vocal demonstrators that were protesting the war. After many years of fighting in Vietnam and seeing no end in sight, the vast majority of Americans wanted it to end, and for the the USA to leave the quagmire. Which they did in 1973, and South Vietnam fell to the communists in 1975.

Why were people protesting the limited war?

Hawks predominately protested "limited war"; Hawks wanted to invade North Vietnam and use nuclear weapons (atomic weapons) if need be. It's called FIGHTING TO WIN!

What event triggered kent state students?

The students were protesting against the Vietnam War. They were unarmed and posed no real threat.

What movements happened during the movie Forrest Gump?

Large parts of the movie revolved around the protesting of the Vietnam War.

What event took place at Kent state during the Vietnam War?

college students were protesting and were shot at by the national guard.