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Because it was basically free labor (after making up for the cost of the slave).

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Why was the history of slavery repressed for so long?

so many people tried to stop slavery like the north but the people in the south didnt want slavery to end so it then took them 200 years for the slavery to finnaly end

Causes of the protestant revolution?

the causes were slavery and how so many people tried to end others got so fed up because they liked slavery but after protest after protest people got annoyedd and just started to hurt one another so after that some slavery was got but people still have it today.

What is the difference between pro slavery and anti slavery?

people who accept the slavery are pro slavery and people that doesnt accept it are anti slavery

Why did people support slavery?

People supported slavery because they needed more workers. They didnt have to pay them so the southern states had many many slaves.

In what ways did enslaved people protest against being held in slavery?

everything was damaged and they escaped and they did all sorts of bad stuff to get out of the slavery method. I think that slavery should be against the law and so do people who are slaves go to jail in these days. The rebelled violently and they got most of the slavery people killed on popuse because of the bad people in slavery and to all of our world.

Why does slavery happen today?

slavery today happen because people think themselves bigger or powerfull than others .so they make other people as slaves

What did slavery have to do with the Civil War?

Most people in the north did not believe that slavery was right and people in the south disagreed and it became a controversy of whether slavery is right or not, so the north and south fought each other to resolve the conflict.

How does slavery affect people today?

Slavery affects people in many ways; such as sleep, how can you go sleep knowing people out in the world have to work as slaves, so that their families have money to just about survive

What is an example of a sentence using the word fond?

The man was fond of all fattening foods.Fond of chocolate, I could eat a whole box within an hour!She felt fond of him.

Did the holocaust and slavery kill the same amount of people?

There was a lot of slavery in the Holocaust. But slavery has been around for thousands of years and it is still ongoing, so it depends uopn how you which to count.

What are the ratings and certificates for He Was So Fond of Animals - 1913?

He Was So Fond of Animals - 1913 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

What are the main effects of slavery?

so the people that buy slaves wont have to do work.

What motivted people to leave the union?

Well the Union did not like slavery and the south did not so they left to create there own laws and allow slavery.

Why is it so important that people remember slavery legacy?

If we ever forgot this important historic event we would probably have slavery once again

Were white people able to marry black people during post slavery?

It depends on how long post slavery. Slavery wasn't abolished completely until about 20 years after slavery ended. So, if the post time of your question would be about 5-10 years, my answer would be absolutely NOT.

Why did people want slavery to end?

Because slavery isn't a good thing its just so selfish that some people couldn't clean for them selves think about it would you want to be a slave?

Why did people want slavery?

So they didn't have to do any work but made the slaves do everything.

How was the underground railroad made?

from the people who hated slavery so they made the underground railroad.

Why was Lincoln liked so much?

For his abolishment and views on slavery, which inspired many people. 

Who was involved in the making of slavery?

There wasn't really any specific person. The people who fostered slavery were people who needed people to reliably do work, so they bought people to do it, which probably led to the growth of a human trafficking industry to meet the demand.

What actors and actresses appeared in He Was So Fond of Animals - 1913?

The cast of He Was So Fond of Animals - 1913 includes: Lewin Fitzhamon as Man

Why were some people against slavery give some reasons why people were against slavery?

Why are some people against slavery give some reasons and explain

Why did some people try to end slavery in the US?

because noone wants slavery besides racist people.... racism is so old and opinonated is desires to be burnt up in flames... and forgotten...

Why do people have nicknames?

People change have nicknames for a few reasons...They don't like their real names.They are fond of a different name.Their name are long so they shorten it.

How did people escape from slavery?

the captin came back to save the people to escape from slavery

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