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Most people wanted to go on the Titanic because it was the biggest ship at that time. And when the Titanic went in the news, people could say to themselves that "I was on there", but most of them couldn't as they died.

But the main reason was most likely because it was the biggest ship at that time, and also because it was said to be unsinkable and therefore the safest way to travel from England to America.

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Q: Why were people so keen to get on the Titanic?
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How many people surived on the Titanic?

Over 700 people surived on the titanic so about 900 people surived on the titanic and 4 of them sucked their cocks

Was Charles Joughlin a baker on the titanic?

Yes. Charles Joughin was a baker on Titanic. The best pronunciation we have for his last name is "jo-KEEN."

Why did so many people die in the titanic diaster?

People died in the Titanic disaster because there was no more time to get people into lifeboats.

Why did the people call the titanic like a floating town?

People often called the Titanic a floating town because it is so large.

How many people there were on the Titanic?

There were 2,200 people on the Titanic.

Could have the Titanic been prevented?

by the people telling the officer on the titanic before they were so close to the iceberg

Why were peoples so excited to get on the Titanic?

People were excited to get on Titanic because she was the largest and grandest ship in the world.

How many people was there on the Titanic?

2,500 People were one the Titanic. When the Titanic sank 1,338 people died. 705 People survived The Titanic.

Why was the titanic boat so famous?

why r people werid

Why were the Normans so keen to claim that this oath to place?

the Normans are so keen because they are jealous

The people was died in Titanic?

people who died on the titanic

What is it about the titanic that interests so many people for so many year?

So many people are interested in Titanic, that now, over a century later, A rep at the Library of Congress figures that Titanic is in the top five of public enquiries. Ultimately, the whole thing that's so gripping about the Titanic story is that it's so unique. No vessel in history sank the way she did.

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