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Why were pistols used in World War 2?

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Pistols were light, and effective. They were a nice close quarter weapon, good for short range killing. They were easy to reload,shoot, and carry. Most soldiers and all officers had a pistol. The Germans used pistols for quick, brutal executions, so they served many convienient purposes.

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What did the solders in World War 2 use?

they used rifles, shotguns, helmets to cover their heads, and alot of pistols

Were the 7.62 caliber lugers used in World War 2?

the German did have 30 cal. luger pistols in WW2

What weopoms were used during World War 2?

This weapon was carried by infantry officers, tank crews and pilots. There were no significant innovations from those pistols used in World War 1.

How many guns were in world war 2?

estimated 20 million pistols and rifles

What weapons did the Germans use in World War 2 aircraft?

pistols because they are weak

What weapons were used to fight World War 2?

Every conceivable weapon was used. Both sides used pistols, rifles, machine guns, grenades, mines, and rockets.

World War 2 auto pistols by mauser werke ag model HSc?

that is correct..............

What were the Japanese weapons in World War 2?

there was swords, pistols, rifles, hand grenades and light machine guns

Who made Pre World War 2 1911 long slide pistols?

Colt, Remington, Smith and Wesson

Where horses or donkeys used in World War 2?

Mainly horses were used in World War 2. But donkeys were used in World War 1.

What railroad signal supplier built pistols for the US Army in World War 2?

The railroad manufacturer Union Switch & Signal built .45 pistols for the US Army in WWII.

What was the smallest gun a soldier carried in World War 2?

A handgun. Some European pistols were .32 caliber, and would have been the smallest used, but many .22 caliber rifles were used in training.

What is the name of a World War 2 device used to spot planes?

Radar was used in World War 2.

What kind of guns did Australia use in World War 2?

Pistols, rifles, machine guns, mortars, artillery and other cannon.

Was dynamite used in war?

Yes it was used in World War 1 but it was stopped being used in World War 2

Was penicillin first used in World War 1 or World War 2?

World War 2. The Allies had it, and the Axis did not.

Where can you find single shot Japanese World War 2 pistols?

WWII Japan made one or two military type (style) revolvers, and the rest were semi-automatic Nambu pistols during the war, mostly in 8mm caliber. Single shot pistols are either antique muzzle loaders or special cartridge firing "target" pistols. Hardly no military during WWII had need of single shot pistols.

Were atomic weapons used in world war 2?

Yes, 2 were used to end the war. This is the only war where they were used.

When was the first swastika used World War 1 or World War 2?

The swastika is a very old symbol. But to answer your question it was used by the Nazis in World War 2.

What was the difference between World War 1 and World War 2 tactics?

World War 2 used bigger guns

Why where weapons used in World War 2?

It was a war.

How many rifles were used in World War 2?

Over 100 million rifles were used during World War 2.

What war was dynamite used in?

Dynamite was used in World War 1, but stopped using it during World War 2

What was used in World War 2 but not war world 1?

Nuclear bomb.

What was used in world war 2 but not in world war 1?

The Atom bomb.

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