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== == Because he made promises that they found believable and he appealed to their sense of national identity and he followed thru with his promises to create more jobs and bring the German economy back from virtual bankruptcy. He restored their faith in their country and produced many amazing projects that showed the German people that they could be proud again, proud of them selves and their country. National pride and identity were restored by Hitler and his economic programs. Germans stopped feeling that they had no future, and saw that the National Socialist government had rejuvenated the country, as they had promised to do. He created a sense of "belonging to the society" and the average German was happy to support him.

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Q: Why were so many Germans willing to follow Hitler or go along with his ideas?
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Why did the Germans go along with the persecution of the Jews?

Because Hitler had the power and forced everyone to follow his regime

Did the Germans do something to the holocaust?

They were lead by Hitler and through him the German army killed 7 million Jews and another 6 million people. Although not all of the Germans were 'evil' since some were forced to follow along with this and some created protest groups. But back then, it was either follow along, or die.

What was some of the reasons why hitler was able to convert so many germans to hate the jews?

Hitler did not really convert Germans to hate the Jews. Germany was already an anti-Semetic society when Hitler came to power and therefore, it was easy for Hitler to convince Germans to go along with his plans for Jews.

Why were Germans open to Hitler?

The Germans were in a complete mess after WWI. They needed help to rebuild their government and their economy. When Hitler came along he promised to help them for the better. They trusted him because they were so desperate for help. With their trust Hitler was then able to be a dictator.

How did Hitler educate Germans to be good Nazis?

Many Germans were good Nazis because they agreed with Hitler's anti-Semitic worldview and therefore did not mind going along with Hitler. Hitler also made extensive use of propoganda to instill his ideas into the minds of Germans. Another way was Hitler's use of the Gestapo which made people too scared to be anything but good Nazis.

What was Eva braun role in the war?

She was Adolf Hitler's mistress. She killed herself along side of Hitler when he did when it was evident that the Germans were going to lose the war.

What impact did the German people went along with the nazi policy of persecution of the Jews?

After Hitler started world war two, the Germans saw the real deal. They wanted prosperity and such but that war was so hard on the whole world and the majority of the Germans were not in accordance of Hitler's moral.

What did Germans have against the Jewish people?

They did not have anything against the Jewish they just needed a scape goat. Hitler just blamed them for their problems and everyone just went along with it.

Are Germans hard to get along with?


Do Germans and Italians get along?


Who was Paul von Hindenburg?

The principal German General, along with Ludendorff, in ww1 for the Germans. he went on to become Chancellor in Germany & reluctantly, as President, appointed Hitler Chancellor.

Did Adolf Hitler die of capsule and shooting?

kinda. when the Russians and Americans and other countries were bombarding Germany, Hitler went to his underground lair sort of thing and shot himself. Then him and his lair along with his wife, family, friends, and fellow Germans blew up.

Why did Hitler not get along with his father?

Hitler's father was a abusive drukard. Hitler's entire family did not like him.

Why did the war 2?

Germany was forced to accapt all blame and reparations for WWI. This along with the Great Depression left the German people feeling overwhelmed. They were looking for a leader. Adolph Hitler emerged as a man the Germans could follow. His militaristic ideals led to confrontations in Europe and eventually. after the invasion of Poland in 1939 to WWII.

Are Germans axis?

Yes along with Japanese and Italians.

What did Hitler do to his wife and dog?

He killed his dog and his wife killed herself along with Hitler

What did Jesse Owens do to embarrass Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Olympics?

Because Hitler wanted just a race of Arians, but Jesse Owens comes along and destroys that by winning 4 gold medals but the Germans still got the most medals and also one of Hitlers' friends betrayed him but becoming friends with Jesse.

What did the Germans lose in the Battle of Stalingrad?

The Germans lost the Sixth Army along with auxiliary units totalling 300, 000 men .

Where was the autopsy on Hitler done?

Hitler's body was burned (along with several others) and the remains have not been found.

Did Hitler get along with the Jews?

No. He committed genocide against them.

Who created an excuse to attack Austria?

it was the Germans along with Adam hart

Who were Hitlers allies?

Hitler's Germany had support mainly from the annexed willing Austria's support along with Mussolini's Italy and Hirohito's Japan. Romania and Hungary also offered support, along side tens of thousands of foreign fighters recruited from the far right supporters in the occupied countries such as Bosnia, Ukraine and even ethnic people living under the Soviet Union. Hitler also had the support of Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union initially in the war until Hitler turned his forces on him.

Why was the Holocaust possible?

When Hitler(leader of the Holocaust) became dictator of Germany, people were absolutely desperate!! Germany had just lost World War I, and they were losing money very fast. But Hitler took pride in Germany and reminded Germans they weren't filth. Slowly, he gained trust in them and they went along with everything he said. AND LOOK HOW THAT TURNED OUT!

Who signed the appeassement policy?

Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, made the Munich Agreement, which went along with the appeasment policy, with the Germans. This agreement gave Germany Czechoslovakian Sudatenland in return for Hitler not making any more territorial conquests. This failed quite epically later one when Hitler seized the entirety of Czechoslovakia.

Did Hitler get along with his mum?

Yes, they had a very close relationship.

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