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Why were so many nations in World War 2?

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Many went to war because they were attacked by the Axis powers - not by choice.

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The league of Nations offered peace to many Nations. Germany and Russia refused to respect the league of Nations. and so did the united states

the United Nations ( or the UN) was formed after World War ll.The UN was formed after World War II to replace the League of Nations, which had failed so miserably at containing Hitler post WWI and pre-WWII.

World War I was so named in retrospect with reference to World War II. At the time that World War I was being fought, it was simply known as "the Great War". These two wars were termed "World Wars" because they involved so many more countries than had every been part of any previous war. In the past wars were usually fought between two factions within a nation or a couple of nations or perhaps 2 or three nations allied against 2 or 3 other nations. In these wars, many, many nations were allied on each side and the battle fronts reached across the continent and out into the oceans. In the case of WW II, the battle was being fought in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Atlantic, and the Pacific - truly a world-wide war.

The league of nations failed to prevent it, but so did a lot of other people and nations.

World War One was significant in a negative manner. It was the first world wide war that involved many nations and many battles. Loss of lives was immense. Some 5 billion people died. It was so brutal that it was called the "war to end all wars". It did give birth to the League of Nations, designed to prevent wars, but it was ineffective. The war brought into play new weapons, and trench warfare.

The US emerged from World War I in a stronger economic condition than European nations because the war wasn't fought on US soil so we didn't have to rebuild and we entered the war late so we had fewer casualties.

The US tried to help European nations that were devastated by World War 1 in various ways. There was so much money spent by the US government to help in rebuilding this nations and stabilizing their economies.

The League of Nations.On the other hand, you may have meant WWII and forgot one "I". If so, the answer is: The United Nations.

After World War I, Woodrow Wilson didn't want another war to arise so he created the League of Nations for countries to talk out their issues before going to war.

wars of wars Bzzt! The war to end all wars. ...but then the League of Nations wasn't ratified, so guess what? World War II mysteriously arose with its newly financed Hitler which brought about the United Nations and, of course, its financial arm, the World Bank. World War III will bring about... any theories?

well, in world war you, most Europeans resented the nations who started to attack me. Thus, the Europeans invaded the others and defended me. You call it "world war you", however, it concerned me, so I call it "world war me"

Yes the united nations can create laws. But these laws are created for the whole world to follow. It was created to bring peace between counrties. It was created after world war II, to insure peace so that there wouldn't be a world war III

It was probably because there was a war on.

A true peace and new democratic governments were established after World War 2 whereas after World War 1 peace never really came because the Treaty of Versailles caused virulent bitterness among the nations toward Germany and Germany toward the nations. After World War 2 humanitarian aid was offered to Germany and all the European nations. The Germans learned they could never again allow a leader to lead them into another world war and so far they have not in 65 years. The United Nations was formed and strengthened. This organization has been able to thwart some wars and provide humanitarian aid to nations in need of it. After World War 1 The League of Nations was disbanded because of its inability to prevent wars and deal with aggressions and conflicts. The issues that caused World War 1 were not resolved until the end of World War 2.

The UN was founded in 1945 after World War II to replace the League of Nations, to stop wars between countries, and to provide a platform for dialogue. So, in a sense, yes.

The United Nations was more successful in a way because it is still standing today. The League of Nations fell apart after World War II when countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, and Japan left from it. The league of nations tried to keep their plan to prevent war, which didn't happen when World War II came. The United Nations cam apart shortly afterwards and so far, no wars.

idont know but no i guess it was not involved because its purpose too was to stop war so why would it join a war?! see.......

It was known as "the war to end all wars." After the end of the war the League of Nations was formed. It was an organization designed to promote diplomacy rather than war for nations with differences. Of course WWII happened so WWI was not "the war to end all wars." The League of Nations was disbanded and the United Nations took on it's old role.

No, I do not believe so. The League of Nations was formed to promote peace around the world, and aiding the world as a method for this. It was founded right after World War I, another reason it was formed was because it wanted to prevent anymore wars from occurring.

They were called world wars because most large military powers in the world were involved, and it affected the whole world. It also was the single biggest conflict that involved so many nations at the same time. As a matter of fact second world war was spread across continents and had the biggest human casualties ever.

It was a world war, so all nations were effected in some way however small it may have been. The war was primarily fought in the European and Pacific theatres, though.

The German's were not treated well in the peace agreement after World War 1. The Germans were pretty much blamed for the entire World War 1, so as a result they withdrew from the League of Nations.

They provided funding for revolutions. USSR's goal was to turn more nations communism, and they tried to advantage of the 3rd world to do so.

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