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Q: Why were stone keep castles important?
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What were Stone Keep Castles made of?

Stone Keep Castles are made out of stone (the answers in the name really!).

What do stone keep castles look like?

Click on the related links below named "Stone keep castles" and "More Stone keep castles" for some interesting graphics.

Are stone keep castles the same as square keep castles?

Yes they are

What were stone keep castles made from?


What was stone keep castles made of?


What year were stone keep castles made?

Stone keep castles were built in 11th - 13th centuries.

What were stone keep castles used for?

Stone Keep castles were used to prevent enemies from shooting at them with their high towers.

Are stone keep castles Medieval?

yes, stone keep castles were built in the medival times/ middle ages

What were Norman castles made of?

This depends on what type of castle your referring to. In the Norman times, there were two different types of castles built. There were Motte and Bailey castles and Stone keep castles (Stone castles). The Motte and Bailey castles were made out of wood and the Stone keep castles were made out of stone (obviously).

What Materials were used to build square keep castles?

Square keep castles (or stone keep castles) were made out of stone; you can probably tell from the name! Hope this helps.

When did stone keep castles change to concentric castles?

Becuase of me

What type of castles are there?

motte and bailey, stone keep castles and concentric castles

Why were stone keep castles hard to attack?

Stone or square keep castles were first built in Medieval England by William the Conqueror. Stone keep castles were the natural extension of motte and bailey castles. Motte and bailey castles were only temporary features (though many mottes exist to the day) while stone keep castles were built to last

What types of medieval castles were there?

mote and bailey castles and stone keep castles and Concentric Castles

Who built Stone keep castles?

William the Conqueror first built stone keep castles to show that he is not scared of the British

What is a stone keep castles?

A stone keep castle is a large structure that, in the medieval times, protected the country from invaders. Also, stone keep castles were used to keep an eye on the citizens. All type of castles have many soldiers in them.

What are the differences between a motte and bailey and a stone keep castle?

motte and bailey castles are made of wood and stone keep castles are made of stone

What is the history of the Motte and Bailey Castles Concentric Castles and Stone Keep Castles?

they all did IT.

Are all castles the same?

No, all castles are different in some way. These are the different types of castles: * Motte and Bailey castles (made out of wood) * Stone keep castles or just stone castles (made out of stone) * Concentric castles (also made out of stone)

Are castles made of stone?

All castles that exist today are made from stone because stone lasts for a long time. In total there were three types of castles: Stone Keep castles (Stone castles), Motte and Bailey castles and Concentric castles. The Stone Keep castles were made out of stone along with the Concentric Castles and still stand to this day as great monuments. The Motte and Bailey castles, however were made out of wood and have all rotted away to leave none left standing today.

Who lived in stone keep castles?


When was stone keep castles built?


How have stone keep castles changed?

Because they have.

What were round keep castles made of?


Why did King William I want to build his castles out of stone?

King William the I (William the conqueror) didn't build all his castles out of stone. In fact, most of the castles he built were made out of wood. These wooden castles were called Motte and Bailey castles. The castles that hedid build out of stone were called Stone Keep Castles (Stone Castles). King William built the Stone Keep Castles out of stone because stone is stronger than wood, doesn't rot within a few years and doesn't burn easily.