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Apparently, they were agitating Spain for reform for its government of the Philippines.

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Q: Why were the Gomburza priests garroted?
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Who were the 3 Filipino priests associated with Gomburza?

The three Filipino priests are:Gom - Mariano GomezBur - Jose BurgosZa - Jacinto Zamora

How was atahualpa killed?

he was garroted

What caused the cavite mutiny and the execution of gomburza?

because gomburza is prettend to cavite cause

What is the brief history of gomburza?


What is the contribution of gomburza to the life of rizal?


What actors and actresses appeared in Gomburza - 1977?

The cast of Gomburza - 1977 includes: Tommy Abuel Robert Arevalo Vic Silayan Vivian Velez

Who ordered to kill the gomburza?

General Rafael de Inquierdo.

How did the execution and death of gomburza awakened the nationalism in rizal?

they use garrote

What are the significance of the execution of gomburza?

because it rise the filipino nationalism of the Philippines.

What does garroted mean?

It is a spanish form of execution in which the victim is strangled to death. It is like hung for the English language.

Who killed the gomburza?

Of course it's only the Spaniards, the Spaniard killed Gomburza using "Garrote" a Machine for strangulation used in Spanish time, where in an iron collar is placed around the neck. -Knowledge[13]Joel

What could be the reason why don Francisco chooses Rizal as the family of his children?

it is because the family name Mercado is being suspected to be against the spanish ruling due to the connection of Rizal's brother Paciano to the Martyr Priests GOMBURZA who are advocates of justice against spaniards. -RMendoza :)

What happened to atahualpa?

He was convicted and duly executed by the Spanish. Incas had a horror of burning to death. So he was garroted(strangled).

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