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Jews were persecuted in ancient Egypt because their religion was very different. Judaism is one of the first recorded religions to only have one god they worshiped which made the ancient Egyptians that believed in many gods and goddesses angry.

The above answer does not correlate with The Bible which holds that the Pharaoh was afraid that they were becoming too numerous and may have risen up against him in revolt. Therefore, to weaken their political position, he enslaved them.

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When were the Jews persecuted?

There has not been a time since the Romans when Jews have not been persecuted.

Where were Jews persecuted in World War 2?

The Jews were persecuted in Poland during ww2

Why are Jews persecuted worldwide?

With respect, the assumption in the question is not accurate. The Jews are not 'persecuted worldwide'.

Who was persecuted at Auschwitz?

Mainly Jews were persecuted in Auschwitz.

Why were Jews persecuted in Germany?

They were persecuted because they were jewish and they were homosexual

Who proscetued the Jews?

Jews have been persecuted throughout history.

Who was persecuted in the Inquisition?

The Jews and Muslims

Who were the victims the Nazis persecuted?


Why did the Romans persecute the Jews?

they didn't persecute the jews, they persecuted the christians.

Have judaism has been persecuted by other group?

Judaism was persecuted by the Soviet Union. Jews have been persecuted almost constantly.

Who best describes who was persecuted in the Holocaust?

The Jews, by far, were persecuted the most during the holocaust.

What people were persecuted during the holocaust?

the jews

Have the Jews historically been persecuted?


Which Roman emperors persecuted Jews?


What are some of the things Jews did to Christians?

Jews like Paul persecuted the christians.

Why were Muslims and Jews persecuted?

All people are persecuted for the same reasons: ignorance, hatred, and fear.

Who were the Jews that were persecuted during the Holocaust?

Every Jew was persecuted in some way during the Holocaust.

How is the Holocaust referred to by Jews?

The Holocaust is mainly referred to Jews because Jews were mainly the ones persecuted.

Who persecuted the Jews in World War 2?

== == == == The Nazis

What were some ways the nazis persecuted jews?

Gased them

What countries persecuted the Jews?

Germany during The Holocaust..

What types of people were persecuted during the Holocaust?


When were the European Jews persecuted by the Nazis?


Who was the Seleucid emperor who persecuted the Jews?

Antiochus Epiphanes.

Were the Jews persecuted when Hitler came to power?

Yes they were

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