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if your talking about ww2 then ask Hitler. the Jews have always been scapegoats for the worlds problems. he obviously had some beef with the Jews that only he could understand. Me being only 13 and having to deal with people treating to kill you is sorta sad.


And Hitler built on some 1500 years of hatred and anti-semitism propagated by the Christian church.

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Why were jews singled out during the holocaust?

The Jews were singled out by the Nazi's during the Holocaust because they were seen as a threat for world dominance. They believed that if this happened, they would destroy the Germans.

Why were the Jews singled out to be victimized?

because hitler was anti jew

What two groups other than Jews who were singled out for the final Solution?

Homosexuals, Gypsies and people who helped the Jews.

Why was the Jews singled out for persecution by Hitler?

he believed they were to blame for the mistakes in/against Germany

What religions were singled out for the Final Solution?

None. The 'Final Solution' was about extermininating the Jews as a race: it was not about religion.

Why were the Jews singled out as scapegoats by the Nazis?

They need something to blame for the great depression in Germany. Since Hitler hate Jews, he used them has Germany's scapegoats.

What was the purpose of the Star of David armband that Jews were forced to wear?

It made it so that everyone knew who was Jewish. It singled the Jews out for mistreatment and violence. It separated Jews from other Germans and labeled them as inferior.

Identify two groups other than Jews who were singled out for the final solution?

Slavs (Russians/Poles), homosexuals

What groups were singled out as part of this final solution?

Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, mentally challenged and dissidents to name several.

Why did the Germans single out the Jews?

THey singled out the jews because Adolf Hitler thought Christians and Catholics were better than Jewish people so he decided to kill the jewish people

Should DUI offenders be singled out?

Singled out for WHAT?

Why did Hitler single out Jews Gypsies Poles and Christians?

The Nazi party acted against a LOT of racial and ethnic groups.AnswerAdolph Hitler did single out the Jews, but not just the Jews. He also singled out Poles, gypsies, and Christians. He singled all of them out because he wanted a "master race". He blames all of them for the prosecution of the Nazis and had most of them placed in Nazi consentration camps where they were tortured and eventually killed.

What were at least two other groups besides the Jews singled out for the final solution?

Homosexuals, gypsies, coloureds, those with mental and or physical disabilities. _____________________ Of those only gypsies were singled out for the Final Solution. The others would face different treatment.

What is the duration of Singled Out?

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What group did the Nazis single out for extermination?

Jews were marked for extermination, but they were not exactly 'singled out', as before this the Nazis had murdered the disabled and after this the Nazis would kill the gypsies.

Why were the Jews singled out for elimination in the Holocaust?

Jews were singled out of the elimination of Jews during the Holocaust because the SS and authorities had weapons and they rounded up Jews in a large number of SS Officers, so if Jew(s) fight back they could shoot them dead as they stood. At the camps, they were trapped by by the SS because their armed and their was electric fenced with a range of 600-2500 volts on electric fences. Also the SS and authorities were strong and trained to kill whiles Jews tried to live as normal people. So Jews were out numbered and out armed ________________________________ Jews were singled out because they had no way of fighting back. They had no country or state that would fight for them, they were not represented at the league of nations, not Britain, nor America, nor the Soviet Union complained at any point at the anit-Jewish measures enacted during the previous eight years, so Hitler knew that he could do what he wanted to the Jews and no one would stop him. ------------------------------------------------------- Another reason is that history always has the Jewish people being singled out. The reason is that before Hitler rose to power Germany's economy was rather weak and many Germans were out of money. However, the Jewish people did. So, Hitler used the people's jealousy against the Jews to allow Hitler to do what he did.

What groups did the Nazis single out for extermination?

The only groups singled out for extermination rather than enslavement were the Jews and the Romanies ('gypsies'). Please see related question.

What differences singled the Jews out from their neighbors triggering suspicion and hostility?

Actions or behaviour relating to the Jewish faith would trigger suspicion; for example not eating ham or pork (pig).

What are the release dates for Singled Out - 2007 TV?

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Why was meat singled out?

It ain't

Why did Hilter target the Jews during the Holocaust?

The Jewish race was targeted for a number of reasons. Firstly, they didn't fit into Hitler's "Aryan" race, and ironically, neither did he. He had strong anti-semitic views. Of course, this wasn't the first time that Jewish people have been singled out. For centuries, whenever a. . .plauge for example occured, the Jewish people were blamed. Also, Hitler singled out more than just Jews. They include Gypsies, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.

Why were Jews first proud to wear the yellow star and then not?

The question makes sweeping generalizations about the attitudes of Jews towards the yellow star. As far as I'm aware it was only a handful of eccentrics among the Jews that ever regarded the yellow star as something to be proud of. It was intended to mark out the group singled out for the worst persecution - and as a badge of shame.

Explain why the Holocaust is an example of genocide?

because Hitler killing the Jews is racial discrimination and genocide is when a group of people - defined by nationality, ethnicity, culture or religion - are deliberately and systematically singled out for destruction.

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