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Why were the Merrill Marauders so important?

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2007-08-29 00:23:24

Brcause their efforts indicated an American presence in China,

it provide a rationale for maintaing combat forces in China that

could have better have been employed in Oceania and like the

Doolitlle Raid it had a Psychological impact that greatly exceeded

its strategic importance. In terms of the big battles, this was

unimportant and maybe irrelevant. Like other strategic events in

WW-2, the Maruders, The Doolittle Raid, Iwo Jima and the attack and

defense of Gualalcanal were not as important as war winners like

Kursk or Stalingrad, but they all contributed, they all gave their

utmost, and they, like the A-Bomb won WW2.

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