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Most of the leading Nazis had a Horror of Communism that made even Joseph McCarthy look tame, and in fact the Axis was originally a specifically anti-Communist alliance. As for the Japanese, they were classified officially as "honorary Aryans". Their devotion to fighting for the Emperor was highly regarded by the Nazis and the SS were supposed to study them (at a very simple level). Germany's allies in WW2 included Hungarians, Romanians, Bulgarians, Croats and Bosnians - none of whom were "Aryans". The Nazis took their anti-Semitism seriously, but apart from that many of them tended to ignore their racial theories when it suited them. Perhaps some of them (such as Goering) even knew it was bunk.

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Q: Why were the Nazis allied with the Japanese and Italians since they were not of the Aryan race?
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Why did Italy surrender to the Allies?

The Italians never wanted to be allied with German Nazis. It was their leader, Mussolini, who wanted to ally himself with the Nazis. The Italians did not want to fight with the Nazis but they knew they would be killed by the Nazis if they did not fight for them. When the Americans, Brits and others arrived the Italians surrendered and let the Allied leaders know the Italians were on the Allied Forces side. The Italian populace was able to take down Mussolini and defeat the Nazis with the help of the Allied Forces.

Who was on the allied and axis powers?

first we will start with the axis. there were the Nazis, Italians (they dropped out of the war in 1943), and japanese. the allies had the US, Canada, britain, and most of the other countries in europe.

Who did Americans fight during World War 2?

They fought the Nazis, Japanese, and Italians.

What was the role of America in world war2?

They joined other countries to defeat Hitler and the Nazis and the Japanese AND the Italians.

What was Mussolinis Italy responsible for?

Mussolini, not the Italian public, was responsible for the invasion of Ethiopia, known as Abyssinia back then, and for the war being fought in Italy because Mussolini let the Nazis come into Italy. The Nazis were cruel to the Italians. The Italian people wanted to ally with the Allied Forces and not fight them. The Italians would surrender to the allies to get away from the Nazis and to help the allies. Eventually the King of Italy arrested Mussolini. He was tried and executed. The Italians were then free to join the Allied Forces.

Why did the Italy leave world war 2?

Italy did not leave World War 2. Italy was forced to be allies with the Axis Forces when they did not want to do this. It was Mussolini who did this. The Italians were forced to fight with the Nazis against the Allied Forces. The Italians wanted to be allied with the Brits and Americans. Eventually, The King of Italy and the Italian populace were able to arrest Mussolini, try him and execute him. They then joined the Allied Forces to defeat the Nazis.

What were Mussolini's beliefs during World War 2?

Mussolini was a dreamer. He had the notion that Italy would bring the Roman Empire back into existence. He admired the fascist government of the Third Reich. He chose to ally himself (never mind that the Italians did not want to ally themselves with the Nazi Germans) with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. He did not however agree with the the killing of the Jews. He thought he could expand the Italian Empire with the aid of the Nazis. He started by invading the nation of Abyssinia now known as Ethiopia. The Nazis did help him and he had his military help the Nazis. The Nazis came to Italy and basically took over. They used their Nazi bully tactics on the Italians. The Italians were not afraid to resist or fight back. Some Italians were forced into the military and had to fight the Allied Forces when they really wanted to be part of the Allied Force. Eventually, the Italians were able to kill Mussolini and work with the Allied Forces.

What was the race Nazis believed was superior?

The Aryan race.

Are the Nazis the same as the KKK?

no, the Nazis was the Aryan Brotherhood from Europe and the KKK are from the south part of the USA

What groups did the nazis deem unfit to belong to the Aryan?


What racial and nationalist idea did the Nazis promote?

Aryan and Facism

What racial and nationalistic ideas did the Nazis promote?

Aryan and Facism

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