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This is a huge issue, so this answer focuses on the essentials. The two most important reasons were: *Mass unemployment as a result of the Great Depression - in a young democracy (with only very wobbly commitment to democracy). *The absence in Germany at the time of an effective, conventional mainstream right- wing party. In 1928 (before the stockmarket crash) the NSDAP (Nazis) won only 12 out of about 580 possible seats in the Reichstag (Parliament) and were written off as a joke led by a funny, wildly gesticulating little man with very strange ideas. In 1930, however, the Nazis won 107 seats and were a force to be reckoned with. Their strength grew rapidly between 1930 and 1932, when they became the largest single party. Obviously, they exploited fear - especially of Communism; they also exploited resentment arising out of the Treaty of Versailles. However, it was everyday, basic 'bread and butter' issues that appealed to most voters rather than, say, Germany's frontiers and so on. In Germany at the time, commitment to democracy was wobbly or plain weak, partly because democracy was associated with defeat and since 1929-30 with unemployment. The main right-wing party in the late 1920s was the German Nationalists (the DNVP). It had lost touch with its supporters and had somehow lost its way - and many of its traditional supporters. For example, in 1928 it tried to resist legislation abolishing the right of aristocratic landowners (in some parts of the country) to whip (!) their agricultural labourers. The DNVP was in habit of knee-jerk support of 'landed interests' and was hopelessly out of touch. It's not surprising that it was in decline. I hope this goes some way towards answering the question. Joncey

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What was the name of the country the Nazis were elected into power in the 1930s?


Why do the Nazis had power?

Hitler was elected by his people (the Germans) that's why the National Socialists had power.

When did the concentration camps start and end?

The Nazi concentration camps started days after the Nazis were elected into office in 1933. They ended when the Nazis were removed from power in 1945.

Did germans agree with what hitler and the nazis were doing?

They were ALL GERMANS and they had elected him to office. He wasn't an outsider.

When were 107 Nazis elected to government?

In the 1930 general election. It came as a big surprise at the time, as in the previous general election the Nazis had ony won 12 seats in the Reichstag.

How long did it take for the Nazis to begin killing the Jew?

wholesale murder started eight years after they were elected.

What was the first planned attack against the Jews in Germany by the Nazis?

The first planned attack against the Jews in Germany came just weeks after the Nazis were elected in 1933, with the boycotting of Jewish businesses.

The dutch Jewish girl who hid from Nazis?

Anne Frank. She and her family were German Jews from Frankfurt but had moved to Amsterdam in 1934 after the Nazi party was elected.

What was the Nazi policy towards workers?

Well, the Nazis were the German Worker's Party. They needed the support of the workers to be elected, they campained on a policy of eliminating unemployment, which they did.

Why didn't the Nazis turn on Hitler?

Hitler was the leader they elected themselves. To be a National Socialist you had to join the party, why would they turn against their own leader?

What lead to the concentration camps?

The Nazis being elected into government was the main reason, they made no secret of their intention to build them and publicly opened them within weeks of being put into power.

Is Nazis or Nazis?

It's both!

How did the people get moved to Poland from the Nazis?

they were moved by the Nazis, not from the Nazis, the Nazis were in Poland. Most long distance travel was made by train.

How did the Nazis get trained dogs?

The Nazis trained them.

Were the germans against the nazis?

No the Nazis were GERMANS.

What did Nazis do to Anti-Nazis?

The Nazis mainly executed the Anti-Nazis. However, there might have been some that were either sent to the front lines, or simply held in prison until the Nazi party was disbanded.

Did the Nazis establish schools in the us during World War 2 and shortly after?

No, the Nazis did not have schools in the US.No, the Nazis did not have schools in the US.

Is Nazis or Nazis' the way to spell Nazi in the plural?

Nazis (without an apostrophe) is the proper plural.

Was Germany occupied by the Nazis?

Yes, it was occupied by the Nazis

In relatioship to the Nazis who was Adolf Hitler?

He was the leader of the Nazis.

Why did the US help the Nazis?

The U.S. did not 'help the Nazis'.

Was Spain occupied by the Nazis?

No, Spain was not occupied by the Nazis.

What did the Nazis want to do to the mentally ill?

The Nazis did what they did to the Jews

What did Nazis eat?

Food. The Nazis were/are ordinary people.

Did the Nazis kill?

Yes. The Nazis killed millions.

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