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Why were the Russians in Afghanistan?

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There are many reasons that why Russians were in Afghanistan:

after loosing creamian war in 1853-56 Russians learned a lesson and started making strong their country.

when in 1815 Russia defeated Napolean in the battle of water loo then it rose as a strong power. it started expanding its territory and extended till Amu Darya(Oxus river). Afghanistan could be the next victim but British stopped her way. In 1893 Russia recognized British supremacy on Afghanistan. when British exit from India then Russians found the ground free for their politics. the other superpower was far away and did not show any interest in this region.

from 1964 beforethe formation of PDPA Afghanistan was the only country where there was no communist party as all neighbours of Soviet Union had it. when after the coup d'etat in 1978 in actual communist party came for ruling. Later Amin tried to lessen Russian influence from Afghanistan but the roots were strong. no one can move them. when Russian saw the plant of communism has a threat in Afghanistan they invaded for its rescue.

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The US supported the Afghanistan in their fight to drive the Russians out of Afghanistan. They sent modern weapons that could destroy their helicopters, aircraft and tanks. The Russians eventually had to pull out of the country,

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Pakistan and currently Afghanistan. Russians had a sphere of influence in Afghanistan in the seventies but not now.

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