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it was made for manufacturing and for profit and Rhode Island was founded for religious freedom

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Q: Why were the colonies Connecticut and Rhode Island Founded?
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Which colonies were founded without royal consent?

Georgia, Rhode Island, Connecticut,

Why were Rhode Island and Connecticut founded?

For riligious freedom

Was Rhode Island founded before Connecticut?


When did Rhode Island join 13 colonies?

Rhode Island Was founded in 1636 and joined the colonies in the same year.

What were two charter colonies?

connecticut and rhode island

What were the earliest colonies in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island was founded by a preecher Roger Williams in 1636

Where was Rhode Island founded?

Rhode Island... South of Massachusetts East of Connecticut

What was the difference between the founders of Connecticut and the founder of Rhode Island?

Rhode Island was founded by someone who was banished from Massachusetts whereas those in Connecticut chose to leave.

What colonies were founded for religious reasons?

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania are the colonies that were found for religious reasons. It was also in Plymouth, Virginia.

Who is the Founder of Georgia New Jersey Pennsylvania Connecticut and Rhode Island?

Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe, New Jersey was founded by George Carteret, Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn, Connecticut was founded by Thomas Hooker, and Rhode Island was founded by Roger Williams.

Which British colonies were largely self-governing?

Connecticut and rhode Island- they were the charter colonies

Which colonies were New England colonies?

New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island

Which colonies were the new england colonies?

Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusettes andNew Hampshire. :)

Which colonies were in the New England colonies?

Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts.

Who owns Rhode Island?

{| |- | Rhode Island is a state. It was one of the original colonies. It was founded by Roger Williams. |}

How were Connecticut and Rhode Island self governing colonies?

Connecticut and Rhode Island were self governing colonies because they people were free to worship as they wished and laws would not tell people which church they had to go to.

Rhode Island and Connecticut were founded by settlers who left what colony?


What of the 13 colonies were considered the middle colonies?

New Jersey, connecticut, rhode island, and deleware

What colony was formed by Puritans?

The Puritans founded six of the colonies. They were Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Plymouth as well as New Haven in 1638 and Connecticut in 1639.

Which three New England colonies were founded by settlers from Massachusetts but were never part of Massachusetts Bay Colony?

Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Haven

How many colonies were in the northern colonies?

There were four northern colonies: Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Who founded the ideas about Rhode Island?

Roger Williams founded Rhode Island Roger Williams founded Rhode Island Roger Williams founded Rhode Island

What did the colonies of Connecticut Rhode Island and New Hampshire have in common?

No clue... By Unknown

Where did England look for colonies?

Massachusetts Rhode island, Connecticut and New Hampshire

How should these colonies be classified New Hampshire Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut?

new England colonies

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