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Why were the first pictures from the hubble space telescope fuzzy?

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Because the Hubble Space Telescope was designed for periodic servicing, the items to be replaced are easily accessible. Ranging in size from a shoebox to a telephone booth, most of these items can be removed or installed using special wrenches and power tools.

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Why were the first picture from the hubble space telescope fuzzy?

Within some days of the launch of the telescope, the images taken showed that there was a serious problem with the optical system. Although the first images appeared to be sharper than images taken from ground but the telescope failed to achieve a final sharp focus. After analysis of the flawed or fuzzy images the cause of the problem was discovered that the primary mirror had been fixed in a wrong shape. The error was later fixed by a technique called deconvolution.

Can the us flag on the moon be seen with hubble?

No. Hubble was designed to look at things much farther away. Any pictures it took of the moon would turn out as a blurry white mess. Even pictures of Jupiter are fuzzy. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will be able to, though, as soon as it refines its orbit and gets its high res camera turned on.

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