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The gods were mad becaue a girl was killed in a temple of gods, after it was requested that she lived.

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Q: Why were the gods angry with the Greeks after the Trojan War?
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What was the Greeks worst war?

titans and the GodsAnswer 2:That was the war of the gods - not of the ancient Greeks. Their worst war must have been the Trojan War.

What gods helped the Greeks?

In the Trojan War Athena was the main helper of the Greeks.

Which gods were involved in the Trojan War?

Greeks: Hera Poseidon Athena Hephaetus Hermes These gods and goddesses helped the greeks in the trojan war! Trojans: Apollo Artemus Aphrodite Ares These gods were on the trojans' side! hope this helped xD

How did the Greeks get inside the gates of Troy and win the Trojan war?

By saying that the Trojan horse was an offering to the gods

What are the events of how the gods and goddesses help the Greeks and Trojan?

Athena helping the Greeks win the war by telling them to build the 'Trojan Horse'.

What war gave the classical Greeks its heroic ideal and several mythological gods?

The Trojan War gave the classical Greeks it's heroic ideal and several mythological gods.

Which gods favored the Greeks in the Trojan War?

Athena, Hera, Poseidon, Hermes, Hephaestos and Thetis all sided with the Greeks.

Why Did the gods take sides in the Trojan War?

The gods always took part in human enterprises. Aphrodite's son was a Trojan, so she sided with them. Athena sided with the Greeks.

What is the gift from the Greeks?

In the Trojan War? The Trojan Horse, in which the Greeks hid.

Who did the Greeks pretend to be after the Trojan War?


What role did Artemis have in the Trojan War?

The sacrifice of Iphigeneia whom King Agamemnon offered to her for the passage of the Greek fleet to Troy; for this Artemis stood against the Greeks, she was beaten by Hera in an angry contest of the gods.

Which goddesses supported the Greeks in the Trojan War?

Athena was the most prominent goddess who supported the Greeks in the Trojan War.

Who did the war start between the Trojan war?

The Trojan war was the Greeks against the Trojans

What sides did each of the gods take in the Trojan war?

The gods did take sides in the Trojan War. The Olympian Gods took the following sides: -Athena- Greek -Hera- Greek -Hephaestus- Greek -Poseidon- Greek -Zeus- Neutral -Aphrodite- Trojan -Apollo- Trojan -Ares- Trojan -Artemis- Trojan -Hermes- Trojan -Hades- Neutral they split themselves. some on troy others greek Actually Hermes sided with the greeks. In the Odyssey, he helps Odysseus on his journey.There are only 11 gods here

How does the Trojan war end?

The Trojan war ended with the Trojan winning, which the Greeks intended to hide. The Trojan war ended when Greeks built a hollow wooden horse and placed their soldiers in it and left it at the gates of Troy.

Why did the Greek gods help the Greeks in the Trojan war?

This was a war between the gods that had spilled into the world of man. If either god's side won, it would implicitly show that the god was right.

Did Athena have something to do with the Trojan war?

Yes, most of the gods took sides for the Greeks or for the Trojans. Athena was pro-Greek.

Why don't Athena and the others get along?

They usually do. But during the Trojan war the some gods supported the Greeks and some the Trojans.

Did Athena get along with others?

On the whole, yes. But during the Trojan war the some gods supported the Greeks and some the Trojans.

Who won the Trojan war?

The Greeks.

Who won in Trojan war?

the Greeks

What side was Athena on during the Trojan war?

Athena was will the Greeks during the Trojan War

Who is people in war in the Trojan war?

The Trojans and the Greeks

What is known about Ancient Greece?

We know a lot about their gods and their religion. We know about the Trojan War between the Greeks and the Trojans. We know their kings.

Did the greeks win the trojan war?

Yes, they did.