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The explanation of the Nazis' implacable hatred of the Jew rests on their distorted world view which saw history as a racial struggle. They considered the Jews a race whose goal was world domination and who, therefore, were an obstruction to Aryan dominance. They believed that all of history was a fight between races which should culminate in the triumph of the superior Aryan race. Therefore, they considered it their duty to eliminate the Jews, whom they regarded as a threat. Moreover, in their eyes, the Jews' racial origin made them habitual criminals and born subversives who could never be rehabilitated and were, therefore, hopelessly corrupt and inferior.


The Jews had already been demonized. There is no doubt that other factors contributed toward Nazi hatred of the Jews and their distorted image of the Jewish people. These included the centuries-old tradition of Christian antisemitism which propagated a negative stereotype of the Jew as a Christ-killer, agent of the devil, and practitioner of witchcraft. Also significant was the political antisemitism of the latter half of the nineteenth and early part of the twentieth centuries, which singled out the Jews as a threat to the established order of society. These combined to point to the Jews as a target for persecution and ultimate destruction by the Nazis.


These stereotypes were prevalent in many countries, so it is necessary to explain why they became potent and more intense in Germany in a way that was not the case elsewhere.

For this one must turn to the 'stab-in-the-back legend', which claimed that Germany had not been militarily defeated in World War 1 but brought down by (mainly Jewish) subversives on the home front. This went hand in hand with the belief the the Jews were Communists (and that Communism was somehow a specifically Jewish ideology).

The original plan was to expel the Jews from Germany. One needs to bear in mind that the decision to exterminate the Jews dates from 1941, and was probably triggered by the fact that the Nazis had made their self-inflicted 'Jewish problem' more difficult by invading Poland (which had a large Jewish population) and by then isolating them in such a way that most of them became of only marginal economic usefulness to the Nazi conquerors.

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Q: Why were the Jews singled out for extermination?
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What group did the Nazis single out for extermination?

Jews were marked for extermination, but they were not exactly 'singled out', as before this the Nazis had murdered the disabled and after this the Nazis would kill the gypsies.

What groups did the Nazis single out for extermination?

The only groups singled out for extermination rather than enslavement were the Jews and the Romanies ('gypsies'). Please see related question.

How did the Nazis deport Jews to extermination camps?

The Nazis deported Jews to extermination camps by cattle cars.

Why did they choose the Jews for the extermination camp?

The Jews were sent to extermination camps because the Nazis were trying to get rid of them. They believed that Jews were inferior to them. Extermination camps were just one of the several inhumane ways they got rid of them. And the Jews weren't the only ones sent there, but they were the main targeted group.

Why were jews singled out during the holocaust?

The Jews were singled out by the Nazi's during the Holocaust because they were seen as a threat for world dominance. They believed that if this happened, they would destroy the Germans.

When did nazis begin to deport jews to extermination camps?

In 1939/1940 the first mass deportation of Jews were sent to the Extermination camp.

Which Jews went to Auschwitz?

Mostly, Polish Jews. ----------------------------------------- By 1943 Auschwitz was the only extermination centre, so all Jews who were set for extermination went there, for example the Hungarian Jews.

How does the final solution compare to the Holocaust?

the final solution is the extermination of jews and the holocaust was the extermination of jews. they were the same thing. the final solution was just a way of saying to killing of jews without really saying.

Why were the Jews singled out to be victimized?

because hitler was anti jew

What was the phrase used by Nazi's to describe the extermination of the Jews?

examples include 'relocation' or 'resettlement'. The 'Final Solution' was the phrase for the complete actions against the Jews, which included extermination.

How many Jews were killed in Malytrostenets extermination camp?

65,000 Jews were killed.

Where did Adolf Hitler send the Jews?

The Jews were sent to extermination camps in Poland.

The extermination of 6 million Jews and 5 million non-Jews?


Why were Jews specifically singled out for extermination during the Holocaust?

Germany was already an anti-semetic country. After the treaty of Versailles, Germany was left with nothing. Hitler reached a hand to Germany and told them he would help them rise up as a country. Hitler quickly scapegoated the Jews for all of Germany's problems because they were an easy target, and at that point, people were willing to believe anything.

How many Jews were killed at the extermination camps?

Presumably this means the extermination camp at Birkenau - just under a million. (this was an answer when the question read "How many Jews were killed at the extermination camp") To answer the current question: about three and a half million.

Who was the holocaust?

the extermination of jews by adolf hitler

What was the goal of the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews?


What was the hollercourse?

Holocaust-extermination of Jews WW2

Who ordered the extermination of the Jews?

Adolf Hitler

What groups did the nazi single out for extermination?

the jews

What two groups other than Jews who were singled out for the final Solution?

Homosexuals, Gypsies and people who helped the Jews.

Did Hitler burn the Jews?

Millions of Jews were gassed and cremated at the extermination (death) camps.

Where did the Nazis take the Jews for extermination?

They were taken to extermination camps. Please see related question.

What term did the Nazis use to describe the extermination of the Jews?

In English the 'final solution'. The program of extermination of the Jews had many official & unofficial names. The term 'holocaust' came into practice after the war.

Why is Hitler bad?

He was the leader of the mass extermination of Jews