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Missiles were sent to Cuba from the USSR to make fear for the US, but never to actually fire the missiles

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Q: Why were the missiles sent to Cuba?
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Why were missiles sent to Cuba?

Missiles were sent to Cuba from the USSR to make fear for the US, but never to actually fire the missiles.

Why did Russia put missiles in Cuba?

Russia sent missiles to Cuba because Cuba was already in a conflict where the U.S had attempted to assassinate Fidel Castro. Russia took advantage of Fidel's anger and sent the missiles to Cuba in which Cuba threatened to use them against the U.S

Why was the US concerned when the missiles were sent to Cuba?

I think that it is pretty obvious as to why the US was concerned, Cuba is only 90 miles from the US. Missiles fired from Cuba could have hit the US and started World War 3.

Why were the missiles sent to cuba in the Cuban missle crisis?

actually the missiles are from the Russians, they were just hidden in Cuba so the Americans won't detect it. unfortunately thanks to spy planes the Americans still found it out.

Why were the missils sent to Cuba?

The USA had missile bases in Turkey which were pointing directly at the USSR so the USSR put missiles on Cuba so that they were pointing directly at the USA. So therefore if the USA ordered the missiles in Turkey to attack the USSR, then the USSR could just straight away order the missiles in Cuba to attack the USA.

How did the US find out about Russian nuclear missiles being sent to Cuba in 1962?

you need to work hard to find out

How did the Cuban missiles come to an end?

The U.S. agreed to not invade Cuba. They also agreed the removal of U.S. missiles in Turkey in return the Soviets took the missiles from Cuba.

Did Cuba ever have nuclear missiles?

No. Cuba itself never had nuclear missiles although the USSR set up nuclear missile launch sites in Cuba.

Why did the Russians nearly attack Cuba with missiles?

You have it entirely backwards. The USSR was arming Cuba with missiles to use for defense against a possible US attack on Cuba.

Why did the Cuban and Soviet governments plant nuclear missiles in Cuba?

The Soviet Union lent Cuba nuclear missiles in order to protect the sovereignty of Cuba, a communist nation.

What type of missiles did the USSR place in Cuba in 1962?

In September of 1962, the USSR began placing medium range missiles in Cuba.

When Soviet Union withdrew missiles from Cuba and US withdrew missiles from?


When did the Soviet Union install missiles in Cuba?

They did not install missiles in Cuba. They were building the launching pads and facilities to contain them. But the US blockaded the country and threatened military action if the missiles were delivered.

What was an effect of the US spy planes detecting missiles in Cuba?

President Kennedy sent US warships to blockade Cuba and prevent Soviet ships from delivering more nuclear materials to Cuba. This led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Why were the missiles sent to Cuba n the Cuban missile crisis?

Missiles were not sent to Cuba in the Cuban Missile crisis. In 1962 an American spy plane flying over Cuba detected a Russian built missile base. President Kennedy ordered a "Quarantine" (or blockade) of Cuba so that Russia could not send reinforcements to defend the missile base or bring in more missiles. Cuba is only about 90 miles off the Coast of Florida; a foreign missile base so close to the borders of our country was deemed a threat to National Security. For almost two weeks the United States and Russia teetered on the brink of Nuclear War Eventually Russia backed down and removed its missiles from Cuba in exchange for the voluntary removal of U.S. missiles from Turkey and a promise to never invade Cuba. For more information on this subject, watch the movie, "Thirteen Days" starring Kevin Costner (2001).

How was the Cuban missle crisis esolved?

The leaders of both nations (The US and the USSR) sent immediate messages to each other and reached an agreement that the USSR would take the missiles out of cuba, if the US promised to not attack Cuba, and also for the US to remove its missiles from Turkey after a few months.

Why did Russia place Missiles in Cuba?

Russia placed missiles in Cuba during the cold war to provide counter attack if the USA. made a attack. The missiles were eventually moved out of Cuba when JFK won a debate between Fidel Castro, JFK, and Nikita Khrushchev.because the U.S. already has missiles in turkeyThe Soviet missiles were located in Cuba, because it was close enough to the Soviet enemy(US), and Fidel Castro was willing to put the missiles in his country.

How did the US learn that there were missiles in Cuba?

There was never any actual missiles in Cuba, only launchpad contrustions sites that were spotted and photographed by an American U2 spyplane.

How did the Soviet Union get missiles into cuba?

By ship.

Who removed the missiles from Cuba?

Premier Khrushchev

Who put the missiles in Cuba?

The Soviet Union.

What Should the US do in response to the Soviet build up of missiles in Cuba?

That was in 1962 and the US acted correctly in stopping ships carrying missiles to Cuba.

Who all did the nuclear missiles bombing cuba affect?

There was no bombing of nuclear missiles in Cuba. The US got them removed by just blockading (oops sorry I meant quarantining, a blockade would have been an act of war) Cuba until the USSR removed the missiles.

How did the US react to Soviet missiles in Cuba?

Kennedy responded to Soviet missiles in Cuba by a naval quarantine of Cuba to prevent the shipment of new missiles coupled with nuclear threat. When soviet ships carrying missiles were near to Cuba, the were stopped by American ships and ordered to turn back. No one in the US knew what the Soviets might do, but they turned back peacefully.There have already been tensions between Cuba and the US ever since Castro came to power in the late 1950s. Cuba became communist and began negotiations with the Soviet Union (The US's enemy during the Cold War). The Soviet Union wanted to counter the US missiles in Turkey by sending intermediate ranged missiles into Cuba. This action caused panic within America and President Kennedy was forced to promise that he would no longer attempt to overthrow Castro or the Cuba government and he would take his missiles out of Turkey if the Soviet Union took their missiles out of the Cuba.He ordered a Quarantine on cuba and stopped the soviet ships from bringing any missiles to cuba. This was due to concerns that the soviets can attack the west.

Which country provided Cuba with nuclear missiles?

The Soviet Union (USSR), now known as Russia, placed nuclear missiles in Cuba to protect themselves against the missiles that the United States had placed in Turkey.