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it was winter and they were low on food with the british chasing them.

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Q: Why were the months following Trenton and Princeton prove difficult for the colonists?
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Is it true that Victories at Trenton and Princeton encouraged the colonists that they are well on their way to independence?


What effect did the battles of Trenton and Princeton have on the outcome of the revolutionary war?

It effectively raised morale and the colonists won the land around Princeton.

How are the Princeton and Trenton battles alike?

Its the same thing. Its called the battle of Princeton and Trenton

Who was a victorious general in the battles of Trenton and Princeton?

George Washington won the Battles of Trenton and Princeton.

Who won the Trenton and Princeton war?

the Trenton won!

Who was the winner at the battle of Trenton and Princeton?

George Washington and the revolutionary forces won the battles of Trenton and Princeton

What was the Battle of Trenton and Princeton?

The battle of Trenton and Princeton was a battle where the Americans beat the British and Hessians on Christmas Day, 1776.

What was the colonial victory after Trenton?


What battle followed the battle of Trenton?

After the Battle of Trenton, the Battle of Princeton occurred.

After crossing the Delaware on Christmas night 1776 Washington and his troops were victorious in which two battles?

Trenton and Princeton.

Where are the cities of Trenton and Princeton?

Princeton and Trenton are both somewhat major cities in central New Jersey. Trenton is the capital of NJ and is home to the Trenton Thunder AA baseball team. Princeton is a 30-min. car ride away, featuring Princeton University and Drumthwacket, the governor's mansion. Both were home to Revolutionary War battles in which the US won. I highly recommend visiting Princeton for one reason or another.

What did the victory at Trenton do for Americans?

The victory at Trenton, followed by that at Princeton, restored the morale of the Americans, bore the capture of some 918 Hessian's at Trenton and about 400 British at Princeton and make the British to give up further military action for that year. Last but not least, following those victories, the Congress returned to Philadelphia from Baltimore.

Who was the winner in the battle of Trenton and Princeton?


When was the battle at Trenton and Princeton?


Where did the battle of Trenton and Princeton take place?

The Battle of Trenton took place in Trenton, New Jersey during the American Revolutionary War. The result was an American victory. The Battle of Princeton took place on January 3, 1777 in Princeton, New Jersey. This was also an American victory.

What was the importance of the Battle of Trenton and Princeton?

we defeated the british

What was Washington's strategy for capturing Trenton and Princeton?

controlling him

What year did the battle of Trenton and Princeton happen?


Victorious general in the battles of Trenton and Princeton?

George Washington

Major cities of New Jersey?

Trenton Princeton Elizabeth

Were Washington and his troops victorious in the Battles of Trenton and Princeton?

Yes, they were.

What were two battles during the revolutionary war?

Trenton and Princeton

General who won trenton and princeton?

General George Washington

Who won the battles at Trenton and Princeton New Jersey?


What were major towns in new jersey in 1800?

Princeton and Trenton

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