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James Wolfe is recorded as making the first remark of the word in reference to the soldiers under his command from the New England states. This was later amended to be a derogatory term for soldiers situated in the United States, commonly a Yank. The term within the United States is reference to Union Armies from the North during the Civil War.

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What were the Americans called in the revolutionary war?


What was the northeners called during the civil war?

It was called the Patriots

How did the Yankees become known as the Yankees in American history?

at war the u.s. called themselves the Yankees

What was north called in the civil war?


What was the Americans side in the revolutionary war called?


Which American Revolutionary War general was called the Swamp Fox?

the Patriots general the Patriots general

What were the northern soldiers called?

If you are reffering to the Civil War they were called the Union Army. They were also known as Yankees. Yankees

How did the Yankees get their name?

They got the name because during a war the north was called the Yankees.

What was the north commonly called in the American Civil War?

We called them &^%#$% and *^#%^^& YANKEES!

What were the soldiers from the south called during the civil war?

they were called Yankees

What were the northerners called in the civil war?

I believe it was the Yankees.

Colonists who supported the war for independence were called wha?


What were those who fought and supported the war for independence called?

Patriots .

What were the American soldiers called during the Revolutionary War?

They were called the "Contineantal Army" they were "Patriots" or "Rebels" or even the name "Yankees". These were the most common names...there are other types of insulting names that the BRits gave them too. they we're also called Minute Men.

What does the song Yankee doodle really mean?

it was the british actually mocking the patriots with a song because it you listen to the lyrics it quotes: "Macaroni" (Something Fancy) the patriots later used this in battle during the Rev. War (:

What were the American soldiers called in World War 2?

They were called the Yanks or Yankees

During the revolutionary war people who sided with the rebels were called?


What were the two sides fighting in the revolutionary war called?

Loyalists and Patriots

Called the turning point of the war that caused the French to enter the war with the Patriots?

The Battle of Saratoga.

What were the northern soldiers called during the Civil War?


What was the northern states referred to as in the civil war?

They were called the "Yankees".

What were northern soldiers who remained in the south after the war called?


Who are the Yankees and the rebels?

The Union soldiers in the Civil War were sometimes called "yankees" or "yanks." The Confederate soldiers were sometimes called "rebels" or "rebs."

Did the American Patriots fight each other in the war?

NO, they didnt but some called loyalists who where loyal to the British might have attacked the patriots.

The Northerners were called Yankees by the South during the Civil War What were the Southerners called by the North?

They were called Rebels.

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