Ancient Egypt
Great Pyramid of Giza

Why were the pyramid of Egypt built?

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many people believe that the king that united both upper and lower Egypt is called Menes. Others claim Menes is a myth and think its between other ancient kings called Aha, Scorpion, or Narmer

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Where was this pyramid built?

in Egypt

When was the Pyramid of Cheops in Mexico built?

Such pyramid is in Egypt, and was built on 2560 BC.

Where was Khafre's Pyramid built?

It was built in Giza, Egypt.

What is the first pyramid in Egypt to be built?

The step pyramid of Djoser

Was ancient Egypt a pyramid?

No but they built them

When and where was the Great Pyramid built?

I think they built it in Giza and Egypt

When was the largest pyramid built?

The largest pyramid is in Mexico, actually. Not Egypt!

What is the largest pyramid ever built?

The great pyramid at Giza, Egypt

What country was the great pyramid of Giza built?

The Pyramid of Giza is in Egypt.

Who built the first pyramid in Egypt?


Were was the Great Pyramid built?

defo Egypt

Was the Great Pyramid in Egypt built for nothing?

no they were built for tombs are you a ediout

What was the first Pyramid type structure built in Egypt?

the earliest pyramid ever built is the step pyramid of Djoser. built around 2617bc. at first it was a mastabas. people after change it into a pyramid

Who built pyramid Giza?

Some people say that the pyramid was already built when the Egyptians settled in Egypt but i believe that the Egyptian built it.

When was the last pyramid in Egypt built?

The final Pyramids were built in Egypt between 1800 B.C. and 1700 B.C. The exact final pyramid and year were not revealed.

Where was the first pyramid built?

The first pyramid built was the Pyramid of Djoser in 2750 BC at the Saqqara necropolis to the northwest of the city of Memphis in Egypt.

Where was the frist pyramid built?

Ancient Egypt the step pyramid of the Pharaoh Djoser at Saqarra built c.2650BC

Where was the first the first pyramid built?

ancient Egypt

Who biult the great pyramid in Egypt?

King Khufu( or pharaoh) built the great pyramid in Egypt during the old kingdom

How was the Giza pyramid built?

The Giza Pyramid were built with a number of stones. These include limestone, granite, as well as mortar. The Giza Pyramid is located in Egypt.

What was the last pyramid built in Egypt?

The pyramid of Ahmose I who reigned between 1550 and 1525BC

Was the pyramid Djoser absolutely the first pyramid built in Egypt?

Yes as far as we know

What was the name of the first pyramid built in ancient Egypt?

the step pyramid of king Dhoser built c.2900 BC

What did khufu do to make him a great pharaoh?

He built the Great Pyramid, a pyramid in Giza, Egypt, the oldest and longest standing in Egypt. His pyramid is lined up a the star.

Where was the first step pyramid?

The first step pyramid was the Pyramid of Djoser (or Zoser), and it was built in the Saqqara necropolis in Egypt.