Why were there no women who wrote the Bible?

Women though they were able to stand for God's purpose on earth were not able to come as a head over their Husbands due to the events in Genesis at the fall of mankind. This is not realy a man woman ability thing, it's more obidience to the possition. Many women though not with pen and ink but with circumcition of their natural self have indeed writen God's word. Some would say more than men.you will see that women didn't have jobs or even any choices in their lives. This is not a Man or woman thing, so don't take it as one, and use your mind to try to answer this question when if you are regenerated in Christ you have the human spirit to touch God who is Spirit. That said let me say this there is in spiritual terms only one Man in the universe, who is that Christ, He is the husband and any believer in the Church is His corperate bride(Read Revelation). The writers of the bible though phisically were men, spiritually like you(if your a Christian) and me are female(corporately) and subject to our Husband Christ. This is hard to understand if you've never read the bible before and haven't acepted Christ as Lord. May the Lord offer much grace.