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Basically, the Vietnamese sides, north and south, each had allies and supporters. These allies joined with the troops in Vietnam. The US was on the side of the south. They lost.


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Communist north Vietnam was fighting the anti-Communist south Vietnam who had the help of America

It is fighting with weapons with mainly other countries such as vietnam war in the 1970's

No foreign countries were involved with Cambodia, other than the over flow of fighting from North/South Vietnam & the US during the Vietnam War. Nearly all of the fighting within Cambodian consists of rebel/communist factions from within the country.

For one we were fighting the vietkong in Vietnam instead of the Japanese. also we were fighting in Vietnam instead of Germany and japan.

Air war North Vietnam. Ground war South Vietnam.

The anti-communist countries fighting the communists in the war, were: The US, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, and South Vietnam.

Vietnam was fighting in the war with Russia, and Russia was battling the British men.

The major countries involved in the Vietnam War include Japan, France, Vietnam, and the US.

North Vietnam won the war.

Most Historians like to use 1961 as the starting point for the war. The Vietnam War was NOT a civil war. A civil war is two armies from the same nation fighting itself. North Vietnam & South Vietnam were separate countries. They were never one country called Vietnam until 1975.

We were fighting for our freedom but America was the biggest threat to the communist countries

The whole world stayed out of the war except: North Vietnam, South Vietnam, South Korea, New Zealand, Thailand, Philippines, the US and Australia. Many countries provided supplies & technical support...but as far as supplying fighting men, only those listed above.

After the war, there was a reunification of Vietnam. So the answer is "One country".

The Cold War in which Communist countries and sympathisers tried to impose their ideas and rule on those opposed to it.

Thailand sent men to South Vietnam.

There are 58,286 Americans named on the memorial honoring those who gave their lives in service to the American nation while fighting the war in Vietnam .

The ground fighting occurred all over SOUTH Vietnam. The air war took place all over NORTH Vietnam.

It was fighting for democracy and against communism.

From the perspective of North Vietnam and it's soldiers, the Viet Cong, the Vietnam War was fought to unify the country of Vietnam and to free it from domination by foreign powers (and they succeeded in those objectives, I might add).

North Vietnam and South Vietnam

Before World War Two, Vietnam had been part of the French Empire.There had been fighting in Vietnam for decades before the Vietnam War began.

Any of the countries not involved in the war and those fighting for the Allies. Examples: United Kingdom, France, Poland

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