Why were women in the 1800's accused of being a witch?

It is believed by some that the male religious leaders who dictated the social order of the Empire wanted to destroy the new beliefs imparted by the Messiah and the female leaders of that movement. These beliefs threatened the socioeconomic control, power and superiority of the hierarchy.


Many of them were accused of being witches for really stupid reasons. I think it was mostly either the people that were accused were being accused by someone who didn't like them at all and wanted them dead or something. They would pretend that they were put under a spell when at the court, thus making it look as if that person were a witch. However, there was a disease that was spreading during that time that made people break down all of a sudden and they would receive all these violent tremors.


For a start, people in the past believed in witchcraft. They were quite superstitious. Some still believe in witchcraft. The general practice of opressing women probably played a role, too.

I had read that some elderly women may have lived alone in isolated locations. They may have been unsociable, hair may have been unruly. Maybe some lived with a cat. All these reasons may have contributed to their being wrongly accused of being witches in Europe

They were accused for:

- Being beautiful and catching married men's attention

- Most natural healers were women not men, and so were accused of being witches for their different healing methods.

- Men at that time ruled, it was very sexist; so men were thought to be higher than women.

Many prominent theologians have theorized that the devil is most active in the area of sexual temptation, and women were sometimes considered to be generally more sexual.


There is a belief that the male dominated religions wanted to keep women out of the position of religious influence because it threatened to undermine the fallacies of politically concocted male supremacist ideologies.


Because women were starting to gain control of themselfs so men couldn't tell them what to do so people called them witches and started to kill them.


Many people were accused of being witches if they- spoke a language not commen to the land( if they were not well educated), Were caught at night just amlessly walking around,And some people even thought they were witches so they went to the church for help.