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Q: Why when I click on the details for the July answerthon it gives me details for the previous one?
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When looking at a folder what view gives you specific information about each file?

The "details" view is usually the view that will provide you with the most information. Once in details view you can right-click on one of the tabs (such as "name", "type", or "size") to add or remove informational tabs.

What is the name of a magazine that gives details of holiday?

travel guide

What is the website that gives you the previous persons google search?


Why does roald dhal gives us details about the second windscreen?


Where can one find information about bike check?

In the United Kingdom, the previous history of a motorbike can be obtained through a HPI check. This check gives details such as whether the bike has been written off and whether there is still outstanding credit on it.

How did Ray Bradburys wife die?

Maggie Bradbury passed away November 2003 -- there are no details nor a bio that gives details.

What is phenotypic ratio?

Phenotypic ration is a graph. This graph are formula that gives details.

What is a previous case that gives guidance to other judges hearing similar cases?


A is a previous case that gives guidance to other judges hearing similar cases?


What details can be given from the water cycle?

The water cycle gives details regarding rate of evaporation and condensation. Amount of rainfall is also studied.

Where can one get details about Travel WM?

Details about Travel WM can be found from many different resources. The most reliable resource is the official Travel WM website, which gives full details about its services.

What gives information about a file?

right click on file then choose properties.

Which element of a paragraph gives specific descriptive details about appearance or actions?

Topic Sentence

How long is the Aviemore railway station?

The Related Link gives some details about this station.

The title ascribed to graphic material gives the reader?

an overviews

Does summary includes mostly details of a story?

Actually, no. Quite the opposite. A summary gives the broad outlines or the general drift of a story. The details are left out.

What do people mean on Tumblr when they say click your ads?

it means exactly that. Go to their blog and click their ads. It gives them money.

When you double click your e drive it gives you an option to choose a programme to open withwhat can you do to open it by double click?


How do you change your computer password?

click start then the picture at the top then it gives you options click the one that says change password

How do you print out pictures from Google image?

Click on the picture.Right-click on the picture and click "Save As...".Save the picture.Go to where the picture is located on your hard drive.Right click on the picture and click "Print".Follow the instructions that it gives you.You're done.

What is overruling?

Overruling is when a decision, which is made by the same tribunal or a higher court, gives a decision that is the complete opposite of the previous decision. The previous decision is then overruled and has no authority as a precedent.

How do you control ghosts on sims 2?

You type Ctrl+shift+c to bring up the cheat the cheat box type in boolProp testingcheatsenabled true2.then when you see the ghost you want to be you have to hurry up before it leaves hold down shift then click your Sim click spawn then it gives you choices click tombstone of L and the tombstone then that also gives you choices to chose click add to family then it gives you names click the ghost's name and it SHOULD let you be itPlease dont get mad if this does not work

How do you add a link to someone else's profile on Tumblr?

From your Dashboard click on Link and enter the details plus the URL of the Tumblr you wish to link to. This gives you a post with the link included. To add a permanent link you need to find a template / theme which supports the addition of links and text in the sidebars which can then be added to by entering the details on the dashboard / theme page.

When you doble click your C drive it gives you an option to choose a program?


What is a neo tropical bird?

A neo trropical bird is a website that gives you details all about birds