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wel...i actually have felt tht way many times :( but to answer your question in my point of view, its a want what u cant have kinda thing. then wen u've got it...u dont want it n u wana try sumthing else a lil harder to get...get wut im saying? ive been through many relationships like tht, but luckly ive found sumone special. todays a yr...SAM LOVES JUSTIN

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What if theres this boy you really like and he liked you a long time ago before you liked him and now that you like him he likes you alittlebit but he likes this other girl more how would you get him?

ermmm hoo knows :P:S i think just act like you dont care, but kinda do at times, and act the way you did before when he liked you :) pretend to be over him... find dirt on the girl he likes. tell him... be supportive but dont let your real fealings show.

You like your best friend but she has a boyfriend who is also your friend you told her you liked her and it seems like you talk more now What does it mean and what do you do?

shes taken so you dont do anything.

How long do you have to like someone to be in love?

People say if you have liked someone for more than 6 months, then your in love.

Are dogs and cats liked equal?

no, id say dogs are liked more as their are more breeds and more people like dogs

Does that mean the guy you like like you more if he liked you before he liked your friend and he still likes you now but he doesn't like her anymore?

i hope not

I like a boy at school and his m8s said he liked me then a week after he asked me if I liked and i swore at him. i still like him but we dont talk but he looks at and smiles does he stil like me?

hiya, it's very likely that he still does like you, guys like a chalange so it may have made him like you more if he thinks you're not interested! go for it, you never know xxx

What did newton like more science or mathematics?

He has never specified what he liked more.

How long do chines kids go to school?

i dont know probaly 12yrs like us or more

How do you tell a girl you liked for a long time you have a like her?

Well if u really do like her, spend more time with her and show more interest. Soon she will realize u like her then u tell her like her but don't tell her during gym or when shes in a hurry.

Does that mean the outgoing guy you like who liked you too will be able to talk to you like he does to others if he doesn't like you anymore?

yes! just dont make it alkward. if he doesnt like you any more just deal with it and move on. and try liking someone new...

Why does Miley Cyrus hate Makala in Hannah Montana?

well Hannah liked Makala first but when she found out Makala didn't like her because she had more fans Hannah Montana didn't like Makala then because of that, i dont blame her

What if a boy said that they liked your friend better than you?

do get mad or upset just make him like you more and don't be afraid t get to no him more and dont change yourself for a dumb reason just make yourself get to no him better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck mandmlover08 i like the candy not the singer

I think I like one of my guy friends who sees me as nothing more than a friend We have been friends for more than a year He has liked me before and I have liked him but nothing happened What do I do?

If he has liked you before he probably still does. Tell him you like him or ask him out. How do you even know he sees you more than just a friend? You have nothing to lose.

Does Lord Voldemort like books?

I don't think so, but he might have liked them when he was Tom Riddle. He probably liked killing more :D

What do you do if you like a guy and he likes you but you are awkward?

try to spend more time with him, the more time that you're around him, the more comfortable you'll feel. I felt the exact same way with a guy I recently liked. Be confident and dont feel pressured into doing anything. If he likes you, then he will like you for all of you not just the good parts

Do people like disturbed or Justin Bieber more?

Bieber is more well-known, but obviously Disturbed is more liked.

Could I find more information about Judge Howell the author of the poem Never ask your Mom?

i liked the poem for group recitation. would like to know more about the poet i liked the poem for group recitation. would like to know more about the poet

How long does it take to eat a centipede?

it realy depends on if you like the flavor. if you do you should eat it in a miunet or more. if you dont like it it might take ten miunets.

What does it mean when the guy you have liked for a long time and he knew it and its seemed he liked you too finally talks to you about something you do but you never told him about that?

He likes you more than you think.

What if they don't like you?

no matter if it is a boy or a girl...confidance is everything. act like you dont even notice that they dont like you. you have to be able to talk without speeking...if they dont like you so what? there loss. they need to feel that. the more you dont care the more they will. seriously just try! good luck!

How do you date a girl with a boyfriend in 6th grade?

uhh. more than likely you dont cuz if they got a boyfriend then they probaly are number 1 on their ''like the most'' list. if a boy asked me out and i had a boyfriend i probaly would say no unless they are a person who that girl has liked for a long time cuz i wud. hope this was helpful:)

Who is more liked Jamie Lynn Spears or Britney Spears?

Britney is liked more because she is more famous.

How does Hades die?

Hades does not die. He is like the rest of the more liked Olympian gods. He is immortal.

How can you make a horse like you?

To make a horse likee you, like it. Dont call it stupid, dont ramble about how much you hate it. Most horses dont not likeanyone, but they can like certain people more then others.

Can you take Xanax and Vyvanse together?

why the hell not...If you dont like it dont ttake any more