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Try letting off the gas and not accelerating as fast as the car can go. you'll be surprised at how much this improves fuel efficiency! Starts and stops use almost all the gas while cruising on the highway uses comparatively little. You may think you are driving "pretty efficiently" around town, but you aren't (compared to highway driving). If you have a fuel efficiency computer or you have access to a car that has one, you can observe your real-time MPG as you drive. This is often VERY revealing to a lot of people. You can also use this to determine what SPEED your car achieves maximum efficiency on the highway. If you have a laptop computer, you can buy an inexpensive OBDII reader that will plug into your laptop, and into your car's OBDII port (its on the drivers side, below the steering wheel and down low toward the left next to the fuse box). The OBDII reader is an essential tool for diagnosing the "Check Engine Light", it will work on any car made after 1996, and some of them have lots of bells and whistles like the real time fuel efficiency reporting and more.

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Q: Why when you are driving very smoothly your 2000 echo with only 58k do you get only 20 mpg in town while you get around 48 mpg on the highway though?
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